Why Create a Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Why Create a Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Creating a personalized weight loss plan is the best way to lose weight, especially if you carry more than fifty extra pounds and have other health conditions that may affect your ability to lose weight effectively. Working with a doctor has several advantages over trying to lose the weight yourself. The doctors and nurses offer an effective and knowledgeable support system to help you overcome many of the obstacles you may face when you start your journey to regain your health and reach an ideal weight.

Benefits of a Personalized Weight Loss Plan

With a personalized weight loss plan, everything is geared towards you as an individual. It takes into account any health issues you may have as well as what your time frame is for losing the weight. The doctor works with you to create a chronological plan that walks you through every stage of the weight loss and where those stages fall along your specific time line. The doctor will take into consideration your medical history as well as your emotional well being. If counseling is needed, arrangements will be made for you to work with someone who can help you work through any emotional problems you may have that affect your weight.

Easily Adapted to Account for Changes in Weight

One of the best things about a personalized weight loss plan is that it can be adapted as your weight and body mass begins to change. Muscles weigh more than fat. Many women often get discouraged when they first notice that the scale is not showing a significant loss. There is a simple answer. As they begin to lose the fat, new muscle is being created to take its place. As the fat loss increases, so does the amount of muscle mass. Checking your weight everyday will allow you to see these up and down fluctuations. If you want to lose the emotional roller coaster that accompanies the weight fluctuations, start weighing yourself once a week. It will eliminate the frustration and motivate you to produce better numbers on the scale.

Helps Manage Other Health Issues

Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic health conditions may have a direct impact on your ability to lose weight effectively and keep it off. With a personalized weight loss plan, the doctor can provide you with the tools you need to lose the weight, while at the same time, continue to treat your other health issues. Proper diet, exercise, sufficient amounts of rest, emotional stability and appropriate medications will help you to lose the weight and, possibly help improve your health. As your body begins to function more efficiently, certain types of chronic health conditions may improve to the point that they are no longer a significant issue. The key is maintaining the weight and incorporating positive lifestyle habits that will keep them at bay.

Builds Positive Lifestyle Habits

A personalized weight loss plan addresses the causes for the weight gain and helps to build positive lifestyle habits that is carried with them for the rest of their lives. It involves using a menu plan that includes healthy foods in the right amounts, a regular exercise or workout routine (find a gym in the Hudson Valley), sufficient amounts of sleep, recreational activities that boost a person's mood and the creation of a structured support system. The support system could consists of family members, medical professionals and counselors that are available to offer encouragement and praise when goals are reached. Positive lifestyle habits eventually become second nature and will help to keep you moving forward long after you have achieved your weight loss goal and reached your ideal weight.

Losing weight can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have other chronic health issues that may hinder your progress. Talking to your doctor and learning what options will work best, allows you to achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy and effective manner. It also gives you the opportunity to improve your health, while at the same time building lifestyle habits that will help you maintain your ideal weight for many years to come. With your doctor supervising your weight loss program, you may be able to reverse conditions like hypertension and pre-diabetes. Personalizing your weight loss plans put you in control of your body as well as the rest of your life.


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