Offer I: Weight Loss Reboot Program Lose up to 40lbs in 40 Days + Extras 51%OFF+WLP40 Included 3 YEAR TEXTING SUPPORT INCLUDED-PRODUCTS LAST 14 WEEKS

Offer I: Weight Loss Reboot Program Lose up to 40lbs in 40 Days + Extr

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Get started with Dr. Restivo's Lose up to 40lbs in 40 days with this proven weight loss In-home program.

Sale 51% OFF


  • 14 weeks.
  • WLP40 for the fat burner reboot.
  • *Fat burner + metabolism reset
  • *Up to one pound of weight loss per day.
  • No exercise necessary
  • The benefit of renewal from the 9 bottles of phase I and II drops. Balance and facilitate detoxification.
  • Peach mango liquid multi vitamin contains 415 natural ingredients, carbon bound/improve absorption and immune support.
  • 3 years of texting and phone support.
  • 2 Systems survey analysis reports created from patient detailed health questionnaire’s.
  • 2 body chemistry analysis reports.
  • Also contains all the benefits of the products in the budget programs.
  • Written directions manual to include recipes and great tips.
  • Direction video’s.
  • MCT Oil for cooking and dressings.
  • Professional Weight Maintenance Drops – lose additional weight on maintenance.
  • Veloci Tea- Persimmon Leaf, Malva Leaf (Chinese Mallow), Milk Thistle, Marshmallow. You will notice it reduces appetite, cravings, improves colon cleanse, detoxify and enjoy great energy. 

Extras Included With Offer I :

    • Fluffy Natural Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Shake.

No Soy, No Whey, Bone Broth, No Sugar

See our protein shake section for recipes to make:

*Ice cream





*Lemon delight



    •  FBP “Fat Burner Powerhouse” spray to improve energy within the cells
    • FM -Fat Mobilizer
    • Emotional Eating Drops - For those who eat when bored, nervous, crave alcohol or chocolate
    • Chip Craving Drops - To fix desire for wheat and corn
    • Bread Craving Drops – To fix desire for anything with yeast
    • Fat Loss Accelerator & Relax Formula

*Reduce appetite and cravings

*Fat Loss Accelerator / Optimize Fat Metabolism

*Increases Energy

*Reduce feelings of depression & anxiety

  • Sleep Tight Drops – Balance day night patterns
  • Sugar Craving Drops


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