Study: Doctor-Assisted Weight Loss More Effective by Far

Study: Doctor-Assisted Weight Loss More Effective by Far

If you are beginning a weight loss journey, you will need to decide if you want to do it alone or with doctor supervision to help guide you through the process. A holistic doctor can offer you tools and support that you may not have access to. When you sign up for a weight loss program through a doctor or clinic, you will not only have answers to your questions, but you will have a support system in place if things start to get rough.

What Is Included In A Holistic Doctored Supervised Weight Loss Plan

A holistic doctor supervised weight loss plan is effective because you are given exactly what you need, when you need it. Your doctor will evaluate your health and develop a plan that fits your physical needs and follows a timeline that is beneficial to your health. A holistic doctor supervised weight loss plan will often include the following:

  • A thorough evaluation

  • A comprehensive diet plan

  • A well-balanced exercise routine

  • Behavior modification to create positive, long-lasting lifestyle changes

  • Emotional support and counseling

  • Healthy Weight loss supplements (if needed)

  • Bariatric or other types of surgery (if needed)

Before any weight loss plan is developed, the doctor will evaluate your health. This helps point out your strengths and your weaknesses as well as any illnesses or injuries that may hamper your progress. It may also uncover the cause for your weight gain, if it is associated with a particular health problem, such as a thyroid condition, sugar, adrenal or other hormonal imbalance. When the doctor has a general idea of your particular level of health, you can begin to set your goals and get to work taking the pounds off.

Your doctor will start you on the path to weight loss and continually adjust your program as your body and thought processes begin to change. It has been proven that while working towards your weight loss goals on your own, following the advice of a weight loss physician can actually improve your odds of losing all of the weight you want in a much faster time span. Many people incorporate unhealthy methods of cutting calories or exercising which can lead to illness or injury. Working with your doctor will help reduce those risks.

Better Results

One of the pitfalls of planning your own weight loss program is that you will sometimes make the wrong changes at the wrong time. Completely changing your diet at the beginning of your program can lead to unpleasant side effects. The same is true for exercising. Using the same routines over and over can build patterns in the muscles and your metabolism causing weight loss to stop. When you work with a weight loss physician, they will help you fine tune your diet and create exercise programs that prevent plateaus and help you maintain a steady degree of weight loss. They can also give you the motivation you need when you begin to get discouraged. While each person's results will differ according to their physical needs and limitations, it is possible to up to 5 pounds a week and 20 pounds a month under a holistic doctors weight loss plan.

Creating Life Changing Patterns

A weight loss doctor wants to see long term results. This means the changes they help you make will become permanent lifestyle patterns. One of the problems people face when losing weight on their own is that they eventually return to their old behaviors and the weight is put back on within a couple years' time. Creating positive lifestyle patterns become second nature preventing you from returning to your old ways and will help you keep the weight off permanently.

Simply learning when to eat and then creating a diet plan that fits that schedule will work wonders at preventing excess weight gain. Getting into the habit of walking or riding your bike on a daily basis is also a positive change. Park the car and walk whenever you can. Changing the way you think about your daily activities is part of the process. It's also important to remember the Golden Rule of weight loss, calories consumed must always be less than calories burned. There will be times when it's hard to turn away food, like at family gatherings, dinner parties or birthday dinners. Learn to accept that it is okay for you to splurge on occasion as long as you make up for it in the exercise department.

Working with a weight loss professional can help you achieve your goals at a much faster rate than if you take off and try to do everything on your own. Take advantage of their knowledge and advice and learn to make lasting changes. Not only will you keep the weight off, you will also be much healthier, both physically and emotionally.

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