Peripheral Neuropathy program

Peripheral Neuropathy program

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Our peripheral neuropathy program includes.

  1. Phase I and II drops to improve organ function and facilitate detoxification. 
  2. Perfectly balanced liquid peach mango multi vitamin contains 415 ingredients. 
  3. Systems survey analysis provides customized supplement recommendations based on the patients top 4 system challenges.
  • Three specific Peripheral neuropathy supplements

IN- Helps with nerve impulses,

AST - an extremely powerful antioxidant used in many neurologic disorders including, stroke, Parkinsons and Alzheimers, and

PS - which increases communication between nerve cells

  1. One year of tech support, via texting, email and phone.
  2. Includes neuro machine for 95% success.

Treats nerves and muscles simultaneously. Treats Entire upper and lower half of the body. Lifetime warranty.