Fat Burner Booster Pak 7



Increase Energy


                - Promotes Youthful Cellular Activity

                 -Stimulates Youthful Cellular Behaviors such as: 

                                   i.  Glucose uptake

                                   ii.  Fat burning

                 -Promotes healthy metabolism

                 -Reduces symptoms of aging

                 -Increases longevity

                - Helps patients break weight loss “plateau”

                - Chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia

                 -Add-on to any weight loss program

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 FA  Fat Loss Accelerator & Relax Formula


                                - Reduce appetite and cravings

                                - Fat Loss Accelerator / Optimize Fat Metabolism - Increases Energy

                                - Reduce feelings of depression & anxiety

                                - Promotes quality of sleep

                                - Sublingual Absorption

Who should use?

                                - Patients who struggle with cravings(especially carbohydrate cravings or cravings triggered by emotions)

         - Patients who are depressed or anxious

                                - Patients with trouble sleeping

                                - Patients with low energy levels

Ingredients and details Click Here pdf

Fat Burner Booster Pak 7


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