Weight Loss Reboot

Lose up to 30 Lbs. in 30 Days* without exercise.

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What's Included:

  • Doctor Supervised Weight loss
  • One Year Texting & Email support to ask questions.
  • Easy to follow directions manual.
  • Easy to follow video directions.
  • Before and After Systems survey analysis reports.
  • Before and After Optional body chemistry analysis.

Keep The Weight Offer For Life:

•  To have a FIRMER RE-SET on your METABOLISM
•  Do a great job on maintenance after the WLP40 phase,

If You Ever Gain 2 pounds after a party day:

  •  avoid eating till 3pm;
  •  enjoy as much steak, chicken or fish as you like and 2 apples or 2 tomatoes until you go to sleep for the day;
  •  the next day you will have lost 2 pounds.

Benefits of This Program:


Keep the weight off for life


Improve metabolism


Enjoy tasty food while losing weight


No exercise necessary


No speed, no amphetamines


No hunger, no cravings


Skin Tightens


Good Sleep


Good Energy


Healthy Drops


No Side Effects

We can follow your progress and provide guidance when you fill out the WEEKLY TRACKER CHART with FOOD, WEIGHT, DAY# ON PROGRAM, SLEEP, BOWEL MOVEMENT from any electronic device.

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"Experience a Slimmer, Healthier You through Our Expert Medical Team's Guidance, All from the Comfort of Your Home!"

Dr. Donna Restivo D.C.’s weight loss program is the only one of its type that deals successfully with the top two reasons weight loss programs fail.* Eliminates hunger pains, saving you from traditional dieting agony and delivering the results you want.* Neutralizes toxins released during fat burning, optimizes efficient progress in your fat burning/weight loss journey* The Average Client of Ours Experiences a Remarkable Weight Loss of 57 lbs!

What do I do:

Typical Day:

  • Have one tablespoon of the tasty Intramax
  • Fill 3 water bottles with your drops.
  • Drink the water with the drops whenever you wish.
  • Eat the Food when you are hungry.
  • Lose the Weight.

Enjoy eating protein, fruit, vegetables, and a little bread from your local supermarket. We will provide a recommended list. Fill out the weekly tracker on your phone or computer so that we can follow your progress by watching for patterns and provide guidance.

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Fat Metabolism Reboot/Reset Products Required:

Phase I & II drops:

  • No Side Effects.
  • Remove toxins through your urine and reach your weight reduction objectives FASTER by neutralizing toxic metals and opening detox pathways, toxic metal detox bottle will be twice the original size..
  • Balance and Improve function for the following organs thyroid, liver, kidney, pancreas, adrenal, brain, spine, nervous system, skin, lungs, heart and spleen.


  • No Preservatives - refrigerate
  • Delicious fruit flavored liquid vitamin contains 415 natural ingredients, Includes pre and probiotics
  • Take 1-4 tablespoons one time per day
  • Improved absorption and immune support.
  • Satisfies hunger, provides great energy
  • Brings nutrition directly into your cells

    WLP Drops:

    • No Side effects.
    • Reboot the metabolism with holistic amino acid chain drops, no jitters, no hunger, because patients receive nutrition from burning 2500-3000 calories of their own fat and lose up to 1 pound daily, without exercise.

    MCT Oil:

    • For cooking and salad dressings, to improve Metabolism and fat burning, also great for your skin.

    Typical Day:

    •  Have one tablespoon of the tasty liquid multi vitamin called Intramax.
    •  Fill 3 water bottles with your drops.
    •  Drink the water with the drops whenever you wish.
    •  Eat the Food when you are hungry.
    • Have one tablespoon of the tasty Intramax
    • Fill 3 water bottles with your drops.
    • Drink the water with the drops whenever you wish..
    • Eat the Food when you are hungry.
    • Lose the Weight.