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Ultimate Weight Loss Program

A comprehensive, natural solution designed to detoxify, optimize metabolism and support sustainable weight management.

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"I’m glad I did the program and I feel great. I lost 50 pounds and 45 inches and I no longer have the fatigue in the afternoon, difficulty catching my breathe and lack of stamina. I cannot thank the staff enough for making me feel so welcome and helping me through the program. I have a lot more energy, and I was not hungry or short of breathe. It was easy to follow and I would recommend the program for those struggling like I was."

Christina Michael-C’s

"In the spring of 2016 I made a commitment to lose weight for me. I wasn't feeling like myself and I was moody. On recommendation from my sister (also on the program) I went to see Dr. Restivo. The program is easy to follow and I am down 37 pounds!!!!! The staff is great, super friendly and very flexible. Dr Restivo works closely with you and helps you do what’s best for your health, she is supportive and very realistic about her program and lifestyle changes. I highly recommend this program"

Jenny P., Katonah, NY

"I, Fred Jackson, have completed the detox and WLP40 phases of Dr. Restivo's weight loss program. As I begin the maintenance phase, I have lost 36 pounds. I managed to do this without experiencing hunger or cravings. Dr. Restivo always provides complete and helpful responses to my questions as well as the one-on-one sessions prior to entering each program phase. Visits to her office have always included friendly greetings and considerate services by the staff. I highly recommend the Weight loss Program to all who are ready to commit to a weight loss program."

Fredric J. Beacon, NY

I was very skeptical about Dr Restivo's diet, but after starting the first phase of the program I was convinced and mire motivated to continue the diet. I lost 20 pounds and total of 30 inches. Even though I only lost 20 pounds, I am satisfied because I don’t have any more sleepless nights; I am not tired or sluggish in the afternoons. I have more energy and my breathing has improved. I am thrilled that I don’t have acid reflux anymore. I am glad I took the step in calling Dr Restivo and joining her weight loss family.

Irene L., Mahopac, NY

"I love Dr. Restivo, and her weight loss program. When I started the weight loss program I was a big doubter. Having tried so many other programs I believed this won't work either. But I felt desperate for a change, so I gave it a chance. After completing the 40 days on the drops I felt like a new person. I can sleep normally, have energy throughout the day and best yet I barely have cravings for food like I use to. I will definitely give this program another shot to lose even more weight and would recommend it to everyone who struggles with losing weight! I can't wait to do it again"

Kalyn H., Mahopac, NY

"I am truly happy with the results I have come to know after completing the 40lbs in 40 days diet with Dr. Restivo. I lost 40.2 pounds and 25 inches. The numbness I was experiencing in my hands has completely gone, my mood has improved, (I am much happier) and I no longer crave the sugar as I did before going on this diet. Dr. Donna Restivo is a wonderful practitioner who is dedicated to her patients. I would recommend anyone seeking help in the weight loss and Chiropractic area, to give Dr. Restivo a call. Sincerely, Sabrina DiMario"

Sabrina D., New Milford, CT

"I've just completed a life-changing nutrition program at Dr. Restivo's office in Mahopac, NY. Her staff was extremely helpful to me. At first the program seemed pretty complicated and I was a little nervous about it. Dr. Restivo always stopped to answer my questions no matter how busy she was. There were days when I would walk in about ready to give up. On those days the girls on staff always cheered me up. I learned a better way to eat. I can actually go to shop now for regular clothes. I have lost 25 lbs. and 3 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes. I'm very thankful for the healthy food habits I have learned."

Mary Lu H., Cold Spring, NY

Weight Loss Reboot Program

Stay satisfied, energized, and nourished: the weight loss reboot  empowers sustainable weight loss and overall well-being.

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Complete Detox Program

A meticulously crafted detox system to cleanse, rejuvenate, and energize your body from within.

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Weight Loss Economy Program

A healthcare and weight loss solution that is the perfect plan for you! Detoxify and improve the health of your organs. Lose weight, no fat burner reboot.

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