Collection: Cookies

Vanilla Cookies

3 cups Cauliflower "cream", steam (4) 12oz packages of cauliflower rice and squeeze out the water with cheese cloth

3 3/4 cups of Dr. Restivo's WLP Fluffy Natural Chocolate protein powder

6 eggs

1 cup of unsweetened organix apple sauce

9 tablespoon MCT oil

1 teaspoon baking soda

1.5 tablespoons of natural vanilla extract

2-3 dropper fulls of plain Sweet Leaf Stevia drops.

Mix in strong Ninja blender put eggs in first

Spoon mix on top of parchment that you have sprayed with MCT oil on a cookie sheet or pour and spread across whole sheet and cut individually (with pizza cutter if you have one) after baking.

Cook at 350F for 15 mins