What Sugar Really Does To Your Body: Part 1

What Sugar Really Does To Your Body: Part 1

When we think of sugar, things like chocolate and Twizzlers typically come to mind, however; there are some very unexpected foods that have added sugar, which lead to the same negative side effects. You may have already experienced the downside of a sugar hangover which causes mood swings, headaches and the shakes after a bout of too much sugar. If you have, then there is a good chance that you’ve sworn off sugar, however; if you are like most people, that urge to imbibe in more sugar at the same time the next day will likely leave you in a revolving door of sugar binges. According to dietary guidelines, it is recommended that we consume less than 10% of our calories from added sugar per day. With this said, it’s key that you become well-educated on reading nutrition labels if you want to prevent yourself from falling victim to some of the many negatives caused by excess sugar intake.

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Here are a few reasons why it is good to push hard past the sugar cravings and live a life that is low on sugar and high on health. 

Diabetes risk. Researchers have found a clear connection between diabetes and excessive sugar consumption and over the past 30 years diabetes has doubled. When our bodies take in large amounts of sugar over a long period of time, our risk of diabetes is increased thanks to the affect that sugar has on our insulin, which is a hormone that works hard to keep our blood sugar levels steady. Sugar causes insulin resistance, which leads to a rise in our blood sugar levels, increasing our risk for diabetes. One way to cut out unexpected sugars is to take a look at the fluids that you drink. Soda and juices have shocking amounts of sugar, which you are essentially just layering on to the other sugars that you take in throughout the day. Try trading in your soda or juice for a flavored, sugar-free water. 

A rise in depression. Sugar is often associated with weight gain and diabetes, however; it also increases our chances of depression. When we regularly eat foods and drinks high in sugar, our blood sugar levels swing, which causes both inflammation and a lack of regulation amongst the neurotransmitters that send good-mood hormones to the brain. 

Skin problems. Sugary foods such as processed sweets, rapidly raise your blood sugar thanks to their high glycemic index. This rise in insulin levels causes an increased secretion of androgen, oil production and inflammation, all which play a major role in developing acne. Unfortunately, foods high in sugar are also known to accelerate the aging process of your skin, causing wrinkles to appear faster than necessary. When we have a diet high in sugar and refined carbs, we produce Advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which are compounds that are formed as a result of the reaction between sugar and protein in your body. AGEs damage collagen and elastin which are the proteins that allow the skin to stretch and keep your youthful appearance. It may be time to exchange your pricey anti-aging skincare line for a diet that is low in sugar.

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