Tips For Aging Gracefully: Part 2

Tips For Aging Gracefully: Part 2

We are all well aware of how stressful aging can be. As if our bodies weren’t already struggling on a daily basis, we have the mental stress to add to it. Here are some tips for aging gracefully and minimizing stress as you do so.


Pray and Meditate. Used as a tool to reduce stress, meditation is also known to slow the aging process. An increased production of telomeres, a compound structure that allows cell division, was found in individuals who mediated regularly. With the help of telomeres, cells can divide and grow new skin, bone, blood, and other cells, contributing to anti-aging elements. Without the help of telomeres, chromosomes will likely fuse together and interfere with the genetic blueprint of the cell, leading to cancer, cell death or malfunction. One study in particular showed that the production of telomeres was greatly increased in those who participated in just 15 minutes of meditation every day. 

Drink green tea. This antioxidant-packed tea is loaded with polyphenols that both protect your skin and prevent premature aging. As an added bonus, the L-theanine found in green teas is known to lower stress levels, which will help you on your mission to age gracefully and stress-free. 

A nutrient-rich diet. There is a reason why the saying, “you are what you eat,” is so popular. Foods that are rich in polyphenols are more likely to protect against age-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, and dementia. Blueberries have a polyphenol known as resveratrol, which has compounds that fight age through adjusting inflammation, oxidative damage, telomere attrition, and other trademarks of aging. Supplements containing these anti-aging nutrients may help your health and well-being, however; be sure to talk to your healthcare professional regarding the correct dosage. 

Practice yoga. In addition to providing some much-needed flexibility and strength, one of yoga’s main benefits is stress-reducing breathing, which contributes to graceful aging. The beauty of this anti-aging practice is that there are a variety of different forms including hot yoga, Vinyasa flow, and gentle yoga. All forms of yoga are proven to relieve anxiety, chronic pain, well-being, and depression, which will all benefit your unique process of aging, allowing you to do so with grace and ease. It also helps that yoga naturally gives your body better alignment, giving you strong, youthful posture as opposed to being in a hunched over physical state.

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