What Are The Benefits Of Ion Therapy?

What Are The Benefits Of Ion Therapy?

Ion therapy offers many benefits in the way of removing contaminants and impurities that enter the body through everyday activities and exposure to the world around us. We are constantly being exposed to toxins within the environment. Toxins can be either natural or synthetic. Materials that are used to make fabric, furniture, clothing, and many other household items can release compounds into the air that we inhale or absorb through our skin. While we think of these substances as harmless, repeated exposure can eventually lead to unsafe levels in the bloodstream.

Enhances Liver Function

Ion therapy removes the contaminants that accumulate within the body. The liver is the primary filter that removes toxins and impurities from the bloodstream. When a person is healthy, their liver functions efficiently, continually filtering the blood and protecting the body from damaging antioxidants. As more and more contaminants are introduced through the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the things we touch. Ion therapy takes the pressure off of the liver, filtering out the toxins and contaminants, removing them from the body and replacing the negatively charged ions with positive ones that help the body heal.

Eliminates Toxins

In ion therapy, negative ions are pushed from the body, carrying with them the contaminants that can affect how the body functions. The positive ions that are sent back into the body help create an internal environment that is conducive to healing at the cellular level. Ion therapy helps to draw out toxins that are embedded in the tissues, effectively removing them from the body through the soles of the feet. As the toxins are picked up and carried through the bloodstream, they are released from the body at the same location where the positive ions are introduced. This normally occurs during a foot bath in which the water is charged with positive ions.

Allows for More Nutrients and Oxygen in the Bloodstream

The bloodstream and lymphatic system are responsible for carrying toxins to the appropriate organs so they can be neutralized and eliminated from the body. The bloodstream initially picks up nutrients and oxygen and carries them throughout the body depositing them into cells along the way. As nutrients and oxygen exit the bloodstream, contaminants, toxins and waste are picked up and filtered out by the liver or the kidneys. As ion therapy flushes toxins from the body, it frees up the molecules in the bloodstream so that more nutrients and oxygen can be carried to the tissues that need them. Toxins can be stored in the tissues for long periods of time. With ion therapy, the toxins are drawn out of the tissues which, in turn can result in an increase in the tissue's demand for nutrients.

Improves Overall Metabolic Function

As more and more toxins and contaminants are flushed from the body, the increase in the amount of nutrients and oxygen available to the tissues can improve metabolic function on all levels. Ion therapy removes impurities and replaces them with positively charged molecules that encourage healing responses throughout the body. As more impurities are removed, more and more nutrients and oxygen molecules are made available to the tissues. This allows the metabolic processes within the body to work more efficiently, providing more energy and boosting the immune system. Improving metabolic function improves hormone function throughout the body and helps to maintain proper balance.

The benefits associated with ion therapy extend to the cellular level. Removing toxins from tissues and the bloodstream is only the beginning. With the toxins removed from the tissues, your body begins to function much more efficiently. Your energy levels will increase as more oxygen is carried through the body and delivered to the cells. Your skin will begin to take on a healthier glow and will not seem as dry. As you begin to feel better physically, mental clarity will improve and you will begin to feel more emotionally balanced. Removing toxins through the use of ion therapy offers benefits on all planes, mental, emotional and physical.


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