Ion Therapy For Weight Loss - How Does It Work?

Ion Therapy For Weight Loss - How Does It Work?

Ion therapy for weight loss is nothing new. One of the best things to do before embarking on a weight loss journey is to clear away the gunk and debris that the body has collected over time. Once the debris has been removed, the body can function more efficiently and actually absorb and utilize the nutrients it needs to thrive. When it comes to weight loss, carrying around a lot of excess junk within the body can slow down the process. Ion therapy helps to fine tune the process by removing the things that can slow down a person's metabolism and cause them to feel sluggish.


Removes Toxins

Ion therapy removes toxins that affect the body on a cellular level. We are exposed to toxins in our environment, in our foods and through the air we breathe. They are everywhere. Unless you try to live in a bubble, you will have some type of exposure. Ion therapy works to draw out all types of toxins including pesticides, food additives, preservatives, colorings and harsh chemicals that we are exposed to without even knowing about it. Removing these toxins frees up space in the blood stream for the vital nutrients our cells and tissues need to function. The more nutrients that are supplied, the more efficient the body works and the easier it is to burn calories and lose weight.


Takes Stress Off of the Liver

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. While the heart must continually pump the blood our tissues need and the brain stimulates the production of the hormones that are needed to regulate the metabolism, the liver must identify, filter and neutralize all of the toxins that enter the body. This includes airborne contaminants and toxins that are absorbed through the skin, as well as those that are taken in through the digestive system.


Improves Digestive Function

The more toxins and contaminants that are removed through ion therapy for weight loss, the easier it is for the liver to neutralize the foodborne contaminants that are taken in when we eat. Keeping the level of toxins within the body low reduces the amount of energy needed to keep the body functioning. This frees up energy for other activities, including exercise. With the digestive system functioning at peak performance, the muscles and tissues have all of the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy metabolism. This results in more efficient use of energy, an increase in the number of calories burned during exercise and increases the body's ability to rid itself of unwanted fat and waste at a much higher rate.


Easier for the Body to Utilize Nutrients

When the liver is functioning at its best, the stomach and intestines no longer have to deal with the massive amounts of toxins that flow through on a regular basis. Instead, nutrients are easily drawn from the food that is being digested and are absorbed faster and more efficiently. With more nutrients being carried through the blood stream, the tissues are better able to absorb them. If the body is full of toxins, the toxins will often take up the precious space needed by the nutrients. Cells that are constantly inundated with toxic matter tend to weaken and become diseased, often evolving into abnormal cells that no longer function as they should. Ion therapy for weight loss paves the way for cells to be exposed to exactly what they need for optimal health, massive amounts of nutrients and oxygen.

A body that functions more efficiently will have a higher metabolic rate than one that is constantly exposed to toxins and waste. Ion therapy for weight loss eliminates the obstacles that keeps the body from functioning at its best. Ion therapy provides an environment that is conducive to good health. This includes strengthening the body and eliminating unnecessary body fat that can hinder weight loss. Eating the freshest foods in their most natural state isn't all that is needed. It is important to remember that toxins are everywhere and enter the body in a variety of ways. To keep contaminant levels low, the best way to accomplish this is to make sure the body can effectively eliminate the toxins it gets from other areas. Ion therapy for weight loss is the ideal technique to help you accomplish that goal.


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