Top 9 Health Food Stores for Weight Loss in the Hudson Valley

Top 9 Health Food Stores for Weight Loss in the Hudson Valley

When you are trying to lose weight and regain your health, you need to be shopping in stores that cater to that way of thinking. The Hudson Valley area is home to many different health food stores that offer the freshest foods and the highest quality supplements on the market. The following natural markets and health food stores will provide the widest selection of fresh foods and supplements anywhere in the area.

Beacon Natural Market

Located at 348 Main Street in Beacon, New York, Beacon Natural Market offers a wide variety of natural foods, specialty foods, and supplements.

Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society

The Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society is located at 38 E. Market St in Rhinebeck, New York. The store offers a wide range of food items for individuals who are focusing on a vegetarian lifestyle. The staff members who work at the store are available to answer questions and educate their customers on how to eat a more nutritionally sound diet.

Mother Earth Storehouse

Mother Earth Storehouse is well known throughout the area for its produce and fresh foods. It offers a full line of foods for people who are consciously trying to regain their food through weight loss and eating a healthier diet. The store is located in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Nature's Pantry

Located at 1545 Rt 52, Suite 20, in Fishkill, New York, Nature's Pantry is a health food store that offers a wide variety of fresh foods, as well as supplements and other necessities. The staff of the store is knowledgeable and ready to answer questions if needed.

Scarborough Fare

Scarborough Fare is located in New Paltz, New York and offers a full line of olive oils and other natural foods. They also carry balsamic vinegars and a wide variety of other herbs and spices. The store has a website from which dedicated customers can order if they don't have time to stop at the store.

Mrs. Green's Natural Markets

Mrs. Green's Natural Markets has several locations throughout the Hudson Valley area. The store is well known for its organic and vegan foods and also has a wide variety of nutritional supplements. As a natural foods market, they carry many food items that other health food stores in the area do not.

ACME Market

ACME Market located in Mahopac, New York offers local produce and a wide variety of health foods. They offer both vegan and organic fare as well as having nutritional supplements and dairy products. The ACME Market also has knowledgeable staff concerning the supplements and vitamins they carry.

Doc's Nutrition Depot 

Doc's Nutrition Depot is a local favorite with the Hudson Valley communities. Located in Carmel, New York, the store offers a variety of nutritional supplements and knowledgeable staff. They have a modest line of health foods as well.

Whole Foods Market

Located in Danbury, Connecticut, the Whole Foods Market is one of the larger health food chains in the area. The store offers environmentally friendly products, fresh produce, housewares, and a full line of vitamin and mineral supplements. They also carry a wide selection of prepared foods.

It is easier to embark on a weight loss journey when you have the tools at your disposal that will allow you to succeed. Having health food stores nearby offers you healthy options that make it easier to choose the right foods and products you need to help you regain your health and build a positive lifestyle based on healthy habits.


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