The Key Benefits of a Natural Homeopathic Diet

The Key Benefits of a Natural Homeopathic Diet

The body has an innate ability heal itself, just as it has an innate ability to maintain a healthy weight. Part of the reason we gain weight is our exposure to the toxins inherent in the world around us. But ultra-processed foods are a big culprit as well.

Eating a natural homeopathic diet is an effective way to eliminate the risk of toxins from entering the body. It can also help us obtain necessary nutrients and to lose weight.

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 61% of the foods Americans buy are highly processed. And while food processing is important for food security, we seem to be relying too much on pre-cooked and pre-packaged meals as a major part of our diets. Processed foods tend to contain more sugars, salts, additives, and chemicals than, say, a piece of fruit in the fresh produce section.

 As a general rule, foods that come in their natural form and that must be cooked thoroughly at home are usually less processed than those they are ready to be eaten immediately. Ultra-processed foods have added ingredients and chemicals that change foods from their original forms and strip them of nutrients. If you see a short ingredient list on a package and you can recognize what you’re reading, you’re usually in pretty good shape.

USDA certified organic foods are usually a good choice for a natural homeopathic diet because farmers who grow these foods use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Animals that provide organic meat are raised and fed in conditions that accommodate their natural behaviors and are not exposed to antibiotics or growth hormones. Semi- processed organic foods must contain at least 70% organically produced ingredients.


Eliminate Toxins

On a natural diet, you’ll eat more whole foods that haven’t gone through any sort of processing and contain fewer additives. Some toxins are the direct result of processing. Preservatives like sodium benzoate and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) are used to extend a food’s shelf life and keep it from spoiling, but they are also linked to cancer and may cause hormonal issues.

Other additives, like high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, are prevalent in a wide range of foods. The American diet has grown so accustomed to sugar that we hardly notice how sweet our food really is. Because of this, foods that aren’t sweetened tend to be passed up for foods that are. But high fructose corn syrup accelerates fat-storing hormones and drives people to eat more than they really need. Other artificial sweeteners may also be carcinogenic.

Other toxins can enter our food supply through other means. Pesticides, weed-killers, and fertilizers all contain a wide range of chemicals that can find their way into our meals straight from the farm. This is all frightening information, but you don’t need to panic. You just need to make healthy choices when planning out your meals and reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet. When our organs are functioning well, they do an incredible job of filtering out toxins. We just have to help them do their jobs more efficiently.


Get the Nutrients You Need

If you compare processed foods to the foods you’d eat on a natural homeopathic diet, there is an obvious nutritional difference. Fresh, organic foods usually have a higher nutritional value than canned and frozen foods. They also contain no, or at least very trace amounts, of dangerous chemicals.

While many canned foods, such as canned fruits and vegetables, contain nutrients, they also contain additional salts, sugars, and additives. They may also contain bisphenol (BPA) which is used in can lining to keep cans from deteriorating. BPA is a plastic contaminant that is toxic and has been linked to hormonal imbalances and cancer in animals.

The best way to get the nutrients you need is to eat fresh, local foods. Do you best to obtain most of your important nutrients through your diet, rather than just through supplements. Although, supplements are a great way to fill nutritional holes in your diet and cleanse your body of toxins.

If you don’t want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables because you are worried about them spoiling at home, your best alternative is frozen food. Stay away from processed, pre-made frozen meals, however. These contain loads of additives, extra calories and fats, and they are almost always nutritionally deficient.

As an added bonus: when you buy fresh, locally sourced foods, you’ll be supporting local farmers instead of handing more money to giant food companies.


Lose Weight with a Natural Homeopathic Diet

Once you switch to a natural homeopathic diet, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to lose weight. In fact, you should see results almost immediately once you switch. Trading in sugary sodas, frozen meals, and fattening snacks for natural, more wholesome meals is the perfect start to your weight loss journey.

The key, of course, is maintaining your diet over time to keep the weight off. Some people struggle with staying on a a new diet because they feel like they have to sacrifice the foods they love. You can still enjoy these “bad” foods and lose weight; you just have to be more responsible about when and how often you eat them.

Most amazingly, many people who switch to a natural diet and maintain it will begin to prefer their healthier foods over the unhealthy ones they previously relied on. If you stick to your new diet, you’ll feel so healthy and energized that you’ll wonder why you ever relied on frozen dinners and fast food in the first place!

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