The History of the Diet and 3 Things That Never Work

The History of the Diet and 3 Things That Never Work

Dieting has been around for a long time. Known as the practice of eating food in a regulated fashion in order to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight and prevent diseases, dieting has a long and popular history. Over the years there have been a number of fad diets that have turned out to be less than healthy and beyond stressful to the body. From grapefruit diets to juice fasts, people have tried and failed at weight loss by implementing some of the biggest diet disasters in history. No matter what diet is hot at the moment, there are three things that people do wrong when they attempt to lose weight by way of controlling what they consume.



Starving yourself. Sure, you might feel like your thinner but when you restrict your calories so drastically, you are actually taking a step away from your weight loss goals. When we limit our calories to an extreme extent, our body backfires and goes into starvation mode. The body then responds by storing fat, which is its natural way of protecting itself because it thinks it’s not going to get anymore sustenance in the near future. Do yourself a favor and avoid this starvation tactic if you want long-term success.


Treating fat like it’s the enemy. Eating the right fats is your ticket to achieving your goals. While fat may have more calories, it tends to have less sugar than the products that market ‘low-fat’ on the label. When fat is cut out of a food product, another ingredient is needed to replace its absence. The stand-in ingredient is usually sugar, which provides absolutely no nutritional value. Unlike fat, sugar gives you a fast surge and dip in blood sugar which leaves you hungry not long after. Omega-3 fats found in fish, are a source of brain power and decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Fats not only leave you full longer, but they are used by the body to fight off diseases.  


Piling healthy food on top of unhealthy food. Sure, it’s great to add some fruit, veggies and protein to your diet, but it tends to work best when you omit the bad stuff. So, instead of eating a bowl of berries after you noshed on a bagel for breakfast, get rid of the bagel altogether. The same is true for dinner time. Instead of adding chicken to your pasta, you’re more likely to hit your weight loss target if you say goodbye to the pasta and just fill up on the chicken. 


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