Reset Your Fat Burner for Weight Loss - A Guide

Dr, Donna Restivo

Posted on May 23 2017

The key factors in effective weight loss is healthy lifestyle habits and re-establishing the delicate balance of hormones that control the body's metabolism. Resetting your “fat burner” is what your body needs to maintain a sufficient amount of energy and burn calories as efficiently as possible. In addition to fine tuning the body's physiology, you must also take the mental steps to ensure the habits stick and you feel comfortable with what you are doing. If you can't support the body on a mental or psychological level, the physical body will not be able to maintain your efforts on its own.

Change Your Eating Habits

One of the fastest ways to reset your fat burner is to change your eating habits. Putting your body into digestion mode, increases the number of calories your body's burns. Many people skip meals or eat only large meals two or three times a day. This puts the body into starvation mode and results in the stockpiling of fat cells. Eating six to eight small meals a day will keep your body burning calories steadily over the course of the day. Not only will you be burning calories, you will be providing your body with a sustainable amount of energy that prevents fatigue and the usual mid-day crash that many people experience.

Avoid Calorie Counting

Many people get so caught up in counting calories, they deprive themselves of essential nutrients. By eating smaller meals comprised of natural foods like fresh vegetables and fruits, you provide your body with much needed nutrients that it needs to function efficiently. Instead of counting calories, learn to count inches. Weight loss fluctuates and constantly stepping on the scale can sabotage your weight loss mindset to the point where you lose motivation. Eating smaller meals throughout the day increases calorie usage and provides maximum nutritional support.

Increase Your Level of Activity

Increase your level of activity over and above your regular exercise routine. Don't park close to the entrance. Park at the other end of the parking lot and walk the extra distance. Choose the stairs over the elevator. Wake up and start your day 30 minutes earlier than normal. All of these things may seem small or trivial, but over time the number of calories you burn will be substantial. Even small amounts of activity play a role in how efficiently your metabolism works. Keep moving and take a mental note of the differences you begin to see in both your mental outlook as well as your physical appearance.

Set Positive Sleep Habits

Sleep is just as important to resetting your fat burner as exercise and nutrition. The time during which your body is sleeping, it is also hard at work rejuvenating torn or damaged tissues. Sleep allows the muscles and soft tissues to relax enabling improved circulation and increasing the amount of oxygen to the cells. Avoid sleep disruptions. Take the television and computer out of the bedroom. Turn off your cell phone or other electronic devices and allow your body to focus on its internal needs.

Stay Hydrated

We all know the rule about drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Each person's individual water intake will vary, drink one half your body weight in ounces of water. It is important that the body gets the fluids it needs to function. Water flushes away toxins and contaminants that take up precious space in the tissues of the body. Eliminating waste allows for more nutrients and oxygen to be taken into the tissues. This allows muscles to burn more fuel and expend more energy. It also helps to prevent injury and maintain almost every metabolic function.

If you want to effectively lose weight and maintain your goal for any length of time, you need to make a few substantial changes in how you think about your body and how you maintain your health. Both are essential if you want your metabolism to function as efficiently as possible. Take the time to understand the commitment that is needed on both a mental and physical level and then set to work to build a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. The results will be long lasting and you will feel good about all of the things you have accomplished.


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