The Best Fitness Technology For 2019

The Best Fitness Technology For 2019

It seems like every Christmas there is an assortment of new fitness gadgets to choose from and as soon as the new year rolls around, people are sporting their new wristbands and apparel, all designed to help them lose weight and keep tabs on their diet and exercise routine. If you’ve attempted to shop for a new and improved step tracker or iPod, then you may have found yourself more stressed out than you prefer. Technology is moving at such a fast past, it can be exhausting trying to keep up with it, but there is no need to fret, as we’ve provided you a list of the top fitness gadgets for this year.


1.     Fitbit Versa. You’ve likely heard of the Fitbit, which is a wristband designed to track steps, calories burned, time, and a wide array of other gadget apps. There are a variety of Fitbits on the market, but the latest and greatest is the Fitbit Versa, known for its elegant design and upgraded options. The Versa allows you to partake in onscreen workouts and track your runs, thanks to its GPS chip. Not only is it “prettier” than the others that came before it, but it has the capability of song storage and a battery life that lasts three to four days. 

2.     Moov now. This gadget is for those who are on a budget and aren’t concerned with having a fancy display. The goal of the Moov is to perfect your movements and it is similar to having a personal fitness coach with you at all times. It alerts you by offering advice about your stride when jogging and walking and will encourage you to land lighter on your feet. One major perk is that the battery life is six months, as it uses a non-rechargeable watch battery. 

3.     Withings Pulse HR. This gadget is considered “middle-of-the road” as far as price is concerned. It provides a variety of tracking tools including: steps, mileage, and wake-up alarms. Because it has a monochrome OLED screen, it looks good on and it works in conjunction with other Withings products, such as bathroom scales. It comes with a Health Mate app, which his full of useful information and easy to comprehend. The battery life is 20 days. 

4.     Withings Body Cardio. This beauty is a scale that goes above and beyond. While it tells you the obvious, like how much you weigh on any given day, it can also tell you what percentage of your body makes up water, muscle, bone, or fat, by way of an electrical charge. (Warning: if you have a pacemaker, avoid using this scale). It records all of the information that it collects from you and remembers your stats from the last five times you checked in. After it collects your data, it is saved to a smartphone app, where you can monitor your health over a number of months or years. And the best part is that it can tell all family members apart. 

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