1 Change You Need to Make to Keep Your New Years' Health Resolution in 2016

1 Change You Need to Make to Keep Your New Years' Health Resolution in 2016

New Years' Health Resolutions are great to make and difficult to keep, especially if you have to change your life in any way to reach your goal. If you are going to make one change to keep your New Years' Resolution it should be to change the way you think about yourself and your habits.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. If you decide on a resolution and three weeks into the year, you get discouraged and cheat on your diet or don't go to the gym, forgive yourself. We all have times when we eat too much or don't feel motivated. Take it for what it is. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off and get back to work at striving to reach your goal. Assess your health and fitness situation and learn where your weaknesses are. Once you understand, where you are most liable to make a mistake you can take the necessary steps to avoid temptation. Forgive yourself when it comes to small indiscretions and believe that you can achieve your goals!

You Will Experience Obstacles

Face the fact that you will have obstacles that occasionally make an appearance. No matter how hard you try, you will have times when temptation is right in front of you. Instead of letting it get the best of you, find ways to work around the obstacles. Family dinners are an example of an obstacle. Take control of the situation. Instead of trying each dish, choose three or four and allow yourself smaller portions. Step away from the table after you have finished the plate and wait a little while before you go back for dessert. This allows your stomach to catch up and lets you feel how full you really are. Stick to one or two desserts, and again, take small portions. This gives you the opportunity to choose your favorites without feeling like you are cheating or overindulging.

You Have the Power to Make the Necessary Changes

Take the initiative. It is your life and you are responsible for your own actions. You can't blame others if you don't do the work on your own. If you want to lose weight, you are the one that has to make the necessary changes to do so. You can go to the gym and use diet plans. The main point is that to be effective you have to make permanent and sustainable lifestyle changes. Diets end and gym memberships expire. To lose weight effectively and keep it off, you must make changes in both your lifestyle and how you think about your health. Once you create a healthy lifestyle and begin to see noticeable changes, you will feel better about yourself and will be able to keep the weight off permanently.

Don't Make Excuses

When you begin to make changes and the going gets rough, it is easy to make excuses. When you begin to get discouraged, think about your options. Instead of making excuses to stop working towards your goal, look at the situation and adjust your goals if necessary. Maybe you tried to do too much too fast. If that is the case, make the necessary changes and begin again. The only way for you to succeed at your goal is to find ways to move forward. When you make excuses, you only defeat yourself. One of the biggest changes you need to make in the way you think about losing weight is to believe in yourself. Know that you can reach your goal and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Many people sabotage themselves by thinking that they will fail. If you make the decision to lose weight, you need to have enough faith in yourself to succeed. Don't give up, even if you get discouraged. Facing each obstacle one at a time and learning from your mistakes will give you the knowledge you need to make it through the most difficult trials.

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