Post Hip Surgery Recovery Tips: Exercise, Rest, Water, Right Diet

Post Hip Surgery Recovery Tips: Exercise, Rest, Water, Right Diet

While following directions may not be your cup of tea, it’s extremely important to obey a few critical rules following your hip surgery. Unless, of course, you’d rather the healing process to take a lot longer than necessary. Most likely, you will be eager to get back on your feet and playing with your grandkids, but you need to be sure to take your time and let your body heal properly. Here are a few tips for a thorough recovery that may or may not be speedy.

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Exercise. You certainly won’t be running a 5k anytime soon, but there are a few moves that will accelerate your recovery and ensure you are not only healing but strengthening the affected area. And most importantly, these exercises will help with circulation and prevent swelling and blood clots.           

            Ankle pumps-Lie on your back and pump your foot up and down, pulling the toes up so you are in a flexed position and then pointing them downward. This will help will swelling that often results from a lack of movement. Try to do these exercises ten times on each foot, every hour. 

            Thigh and butt squeezes-While lying on your back, squeeze the muscles in your buttocks, hold for five seconds and release. Do the same for your thigh muscles. As you squeeze your quadriceps (the muscles that make up your thigh), push the back of the knee down into the bed. 

            Heel slides. While on your back, move the heel of your mending leg, and slide it along the mattress toward your buttocks. This will promote hip and knee flexion. 

Prepare your household chores. Because you will struggle with mobility during the days following your surgery, it’s key to make sure the items that you will need, are placed in easy to reach places. Make arrangements for a friend or family member to come over and cook for you or bring you pre-made meals so you don’t push your limits in the kitchen. 

Diet. It’s now more important than ever to maintain a healthy weight and the best way to do this is to eat a healthy diet. By incorporating filling and healthy foods like fish, meat, chicken and eggs, into your diet, you will stay full longer and have the protein necessary to rebuild those muscles. Dr. Restivo’s diet is a sure-fire way to get your body in gear, losing weight in a healthy way that is manageable while you are in a recovery mindset.

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