Post-baby Slim Down Tips

Post-baby Slim Down Tips

Losing weight after having a baby can sometimes be easier said than done. Whether you had a baby yesterday or several years ago, losing the excess weight can be challenging with all the additional demands in your life. For a first-time mom, it’s hard to know exactly what it will be like once the babe is born, and for most, self-care is the first thing to go. Here are three tips to lose that extra baby weight that has been clinging to your bod since your little one was birthed.



  1. Prioritize. If you’ve been on an airplane before, then you are well aware of the number one tip that a flight attendant gives you during the safety briefing before take-off…put your mask on first, then put your child’s mask on. There is a great reason for this and it rings true for all areas of life. If you can’t take care of yourself first, then how on earth are you going to take care of your little one? The more in shape you are, the better you will be able to chase your kid or your grandkid around.

  2. Patience. If there is any time to be patient with your weight loss goals, it’s after you’ve had a baby. Considering your body just underwent a major obstacle course and created a human being, you owe it to yourself to find a diet and exercise plan that blends well with your newly busy lifestyle. Dr. Restivo’s diet is great about incorporating foods that are easy to travel with while you are on the go with your babes or grand babes.

  3. Avoid crash diets. Now, more than ever before in your life, you will need calories to replenish your body from the birthing process and of course to keep you fueled for the multitude of new duties that you’ll be undertaking. Start viewing your food as your fuel, and take on the mentality of eating to live, rather than living to eat. Dr. Restivo’s diet consists of all the healthy fats and proteins that you’ll need to keep up with parenting, and the foods are specifically chosen and backed by science as a way to lose weight in a healthy and long-term way.

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