Planet Fitness in the Hudson Valley: Learn the Membership Specifics

Planet Fitness in the Hudson Valley: Learn the Membership Specifics

There are several Planet Fitness locations in the Hudson Valley. Each franchise is independently owned and operates under the main corporation. Because every franchise has a different owner, each one may offer additional membership specials over and above what the corporate office has put in place. If you are thinking of joining a particular center, talk to the staff to determine what membership offers are available at the time. They will go over the corporate memberships that are offered as well as any other rebates or programs that are in place at that time.

Basic Memberships

The Planet Fitness Basic Membership is only $10 per month. There are no contracts or commitments that need to be honored, for the most part. The Basic Membership entitles the member to a free t-shirt, unlimited fitness training and unlimited access to their home club. Their home club is the one in which they signed up for their membership and pay their monthly fees. Each club may have special promotions in place or may offer specific benefits at different times of the year. With a Basic Membership, there is no automatic payment required and the member can pay as they go for as long as they want to keep their membership active. It is always important to talk to a staff member to find out the details of each franchise location's membership plans.


Black Card Memberships

Planet Fitness Black Card Memberships include everything that the Basic Membership does, plus many more additional perks. One of the biggest perks allows the patron to visit any Planet Fitness franchise. They also receive unlimited guest privileges at other franchises. Tanning beds and massage chairs can also be used. If the franchise offers other benefits such as haircuts, Unlimited Total Body Enhancements and Unlimited HydroMassage, these perks are also made available to Black Card Members. For some people, being able to use any facility in the area is extremely beneficial, especially if their job has them in different locations during the week.


Black Card Perks

A Black Card membership also offers perks outside of the Planet Fitness facility. Members who visit Outlet Locations receive 20% off all Reebok products and 10% off of all merchandise at Having a Black Card gives you benefits both in and out of the fitness center. Planet Fitness and its online store has made it possible for members to receive the best bargains possible on the merchandise that is available.


The Benefits of Being a Member

One of the best benefits of being a member of a Planet Fitness franchise is direct access to the personal trainers who are on staff at each location. They have been specially trained to not only answer your questions but help you create a workout routine that is designed to put you on the road to achieving your fitness goals. Whether you are in the gym to lose weight, get back into shape or preparing for any type of competitive sport, the trainers are available to help get where you need to be.

Choose the right location for your needs:

  • Midway Shopping Center, 1001 Central Park Ave., Scarsdale, NY 10583

  • 250 Main St., White Plains, NY 10601

  • 329 NY-59, Airmont, NY 10952

  • Beach Shopping Center, 1839 Main St., Peekskill, NY 10566

  • Mid Valley Mall, 39 N. Plank Rd., Newburgh, NY 12550

  • 1572 U. S. 9, Wappingers, Fals, NY 12590

  • 30 Gibbs Ct., Middletown, NY 10940

  • 160 Fairview Ave, Hudson, NY 12534

Visit different locations and find the one that suits your needs. Meet the staff and talk over your concerns. Your fitness goals are within your reach at your local Planet Fitness franchise.

At Planet Fitness, the owners and staff members have the mentality that everyone can succeed at rebuilding their health. Each facility is 100% “judgment free”. It is understood that every member who comes to work out at Planet Fitness be respected for their own personal efforts when it comes to achieving their goals. The staff at each facility dedicates themselves to helping clients find their way, challenge themselves and eventually succeed in reaching their goal of optimum physical health. When it comes to memberships, there is something for every person to look into. The important thing is taking the first step and getting back into the gym. Once the workouts begin, it is easier to keep working towards your goals.

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