Navigating your way through essential oils? We Share Our Top 5

Navigating your way through essential oils? We Share Our Top 5

Essential oils are all the rage these days. From yoga studios to local drug stores, these aromatic oils are being presented to us in a variety of ways and health fanatics everywhere are promoting them in multiple forms. Are these oils as good as they say or are they just another fad?



We were just as curious as you about these hyped-up oils, so we did a little research about their benefits. Here are a list of the top essential oils, complete with their benefits and multiple uses.

Chamomile. If you suffer from stress, tension, or anxiety, then chamomile might be the calming solution that you need. Not only is this natural sedative proven to sooth irritation, it also assists your digestive track with secretion of fluids, offering better digestion. There are two different types of chamomile, both with different benefits. German chamomile works as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and Roman chamomile serves as a calming method.

Lavender. Who needs over the counter antiseptics when you have this delightful smelling healer, that speeds up the recovery time of cuts, burns, rashes and stings. It can also be particularly healing after a trauma, as it naturally decreases anxiety, and promotes improved sleep. Amongst the many essential oils, lavender is the most popular, as it tends to cost less than the others, while offering just as many perks.

Eucalyptus. This favorite oil is especially popular during the colder months, when colds are more prevalent. Having the ability to reduce congestion, eucalyptus naturally alleviates respiratory issues including bronchitis, allergies, and sinusitis. It may be time to toss out the cold meds in your cabinet and trade them in for some eucalyptus oil for a more natural approach to healing.

Clove. This powerhouse has been used for toothaches, infection treatment, headaches, indigestion and even nausea. It’s anti-parasitic, antibacterial properties aid in treating a variety of painful health issues.

Peppermint. If you need a quick pick-me-up and you want to avoid caffeine, peppermint oil may be just right for you. Not only does this refreshing oil smell wonderful, but it can improve your focus, up your energy levels, reduce fevers, and aid in a healthier digestive system. This is a good one to carry around in your pocket or purse. When you start to feel fatigue hit, simply take a whiff and you will get a much-needed boost.

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