Is Your Diet Keeping You Up At Night? 3 Habits to Change Before Bed

Is Your Diet Keeping You Up At Night? 3 Habits to Change Before Bed

One of the most important things in life is getting a good night’s sleep. Not only does solid sleep give you more brainpower, but it gives our bodies what they need to become fat-burning machines and dominate our weight loss woes. If you find yourself waking up in the morning with bloodshot eyes and less than seven hours of sleep under your belt, then you are not alone, as 34.8 percent of American adults suffer with a lack of quality slumber. Here are a few of the reasons why you may not be falling into a deep sleep…



Late night snacking. Whether you have dinner extra late or you decided to raid the pantry just moments before you lay down for some shut eye, this late eating might be the monster who is stealing your z’s. After we eat food, our bodies produce C-peptide, which helps insulin do its job. The problem with this is that the combination interferes with our melatonin levels, which is the hormone that prepares us to fall into a cozy slumber. Try to contain your night-time snacking to a couple of hours before you turn in.


Alcohol. Back in the day, nightcaps were thought to have a calming effect on us, and it was common for people to throw back a cocktail just moments before settling into bed for the evening. Yes, alcohol might get you to fall asleep faster, but it actually reduces rapid eye movement (REM), which is the phase of sleep that allows you to dream. This is also the stage of sleep when your body works to repair tissue and bones and strengthen your immune system. Because too much alcohol essentially robs you of this REM sleep, you will be susceptible to daytime drowsiness and lack of concentration if you have nighttime cocktails.


Falling asleep with your phone in your grip. Flipping through your phone before bed causes your brain to go into overdrive, which leads to a lack of peaceful sleep. When you have a lot swirling around in your brain right before bed, it’s not easy to fall asleep. Put the phone down and keep it far away before bed.


Dr. Restivo’s weight loss program is designed to rid your body of toxins, which resets your system and gives you quality sleep. By omitting unhealthy ingredients and implementing the many tools such as ion therapy, your body will naturally be able to fall into a deep sleep. This combination of diet and sleep is likely to lead to energy and longevity.

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