Improving Metabolism

Improving Metabolism

Metabolism is the medical term for the chemical processes that occur within the body and allow it to function as it should. Depending on a person's lifestyle and overall health, their metabolism can function extremely slow or very fast. People who eat right and exercise on a regular basis have a metabolism that works efficiently and keeps the body in balance and their weight manageable.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Calories

Most healthy individuals require approximately 1,000 calories a day to fuel their metabolism and maintain good health. When you go on a diet, the first thing most people will do is reduce the number of calories they consume. That's great if it doesn't deprive the body of what it needs to function. Look at where your calories come from and then alter the foods you eat. Do away with processed foods and include fresh foods. Avoid sugars and eliminate soft drinks. Improving metabolism means providing the nutrients the body needs without the unnecessary calories it doesn't.

Get A Fresh Start

The next step is to start your day out with what it needs, a sustainable level of calories that provide you with the fuel you need to get motivated. A good breakfast is important because it sets the groundwork for the rest of the day. Whole grain breads, a modest amount of protein and some fresh fruit for a quick boost makes for a good breakfast. Eating a wholesome, nutritious breakfast will set the tone for the rest of the day and plays a positive role in improving metabolism.

Eat More Fiber

Fiber helps to flush fat from the body. It also improves both the digestive system and the circulatory systems. Within the digestive system, it acts as a cleaner, pushing out collections of fats and debris that can get stuck and slow down the progression of food through the system. Fiber also moves through the blood stream picking up cholesterol and other fat molecules preventing them from accumulating in the arteries or creating fat deposits throughout the body.

Drink More Water

Our bodies are made of mostly water. Because of the fluid environment, flushing the body with liquids is an ideal way to eliminate toxins and contaminants. The old saying is that to be healthy eight, 8 ounces glasses of water are needed each day. While for the most part that is true, the amount of water varies per person. Drinking water flushes the digestive system, carries away wastes and toxins and also keeps the kidneys functioning efficiently. Using water to flush away contaminants is one of the most important steps in improving metabolism.

Include Protein in Your Diet

Proteins are the building blocks that muscles, tissues and certain cells are made with. Whether you eat plant or animal based proteins, they are vital to your survival. When you include sufficient amounts of protein in your diet, you give your body the fuel and material it needs to sustain several different types of metabolic functions. Because they burn slower than many simple carbohydrates, proteins offer a sustained level of energy the body needs during vigorous exercise.

Boost Your Vitamin D

One of the biggest drains on a body's metabolism is the immune system. Vitamin D supports the immune system and helps to repair tissues and bone throughout the body. It is also essential for optimum brain function. Vitamin D is created in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. This is why many doctors recommend “getting some fresh air”. Not only will the sunshine boost Vitamin D production, the fresh air will do you good and help improve how your respiratory system functions.

If you want to lose weight, your muscles aren't the only things you need to strengthen. Boosting your metabolism will help to burn more calories, keep you motivated and improve your sense of well being as you move forward on your journey. Improving metabolism will also increase your stamina, boost your immune system and make your skin and hair look more vibrant and youthful.

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