How To Fight Winter Depression

How To Fight Winter Depression

Let’s be honest…the cold and sunless weather isn’t causing most of us to jump out of bed and tackle our to-do list every day. If you live in an area of the country where warm weather hides away for the winter, then you may know exactly what it’s like to get a case of the winter blues. Here are some tips for battling these blues and keeping yourself upbeat and motivated when it’s not so tempting to go outside.


  • Challenge yourself. If you are someone who loves outdoor activities and come to life in the sunny weather, then you most likely want the winter months to go by as fast as possible. One way to do that is to set up a challenge for yourself. Maybe you want to catch up on movies on your watch list or books on your read list. Whichever it is, challenge yourself to get at least one done a week. If both are on your to-do list than you can set up a goal of watching one movie and reading one book every week during your least favorite months. A good challenge is healthy and will keep you chasing the clock through the winter, which will make time go by a lot faster than if you were to just stay snuggled under the covers hibernating the months away. 

  • Embrace it. Instead of trying your best to avoid any kind of contact with the outdoors, try your best to get out and get moving. You can turn it into fun by shopping for winter gear that will keep you comfortable when you step outside. Look into winter hobbies and see if there is something that may fit your interests. Snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, and simple walks in nature are some activities that you might just find yourself looking forward to.

  • Get in the right circle. Try your best to avoid hanging out with people who are negative. By spending time indoors with a group of naysayers, you are likely to feel suffocated by their pessimistic outlook on life, which can bring you down even further when you are already at risk for seasonal depression. There have been studies conducted surrounding the risk factors for depression and a heightened risk associated with who you spend time with. As they say, you are the five people you are closest to. So, it might be time to survey your friendships and find out if you’d be better off surrounding yourself with a more uplifting circle.

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