Since winter can feel like the longest season of the year, we have come prepared with lots of activities for you to do when you have the kiddos in town. Warning: You may need to bundle up for some of these.
6.   Winter Wonderland Walk. Remember when you were a kid and you longed for the first snowfall, so you could build a snowman, make forts and catch snowflakes on your tongue. Well, it’s time to step back into the past and remember what it’s like to fall under the spell of the snow. Load up with layers before you step outside with your little ones and let them lead you in play. If you can, get down and have fun in the snow, even if that means making a snow angel beside your kiddos. If you prefer to stay on your feet, go for a walk and explore all the houses with Christmas lights and décor.
7.  Puzzling. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is good for both you and the little one. Not only is it fun, but it causes your brain to produce a chemical known as dopamine, which is primarily responsible for memory and learning. When two puzzle pieces connect, the brain naturally releases dopamine. Whether you decide to partake in a virtual puzzle or an old school style one, the good chemicals and bonding experience will be flowing.
8.  Take a trip to the library. What’s better than the smell of old books? Kids can learn to appreciate the library from a very young age. Check your local library for a schedule of story times geared for toddlers and preschool aged children. If they don’t offer any, then create your own story time, complete with character voices and fitting gestures that describe each and every scene. There is nothing that expands the imagination quite like a good book.
9.  Scavenger hunt. For the kiddos who are of reading age, you may want to keep them busy with a scavenger hunt. Write out several individual clues and link them to one another in hidden places around the house, and then watch their surprise when they discover the final prize. If you don’t have anything to hide at home, you may need to stock up on little trinkets or gifts that they can get excited about finding.
10. Make a fort. Fun for all ages, forts provide a cozy little sanctuary where you and your kiddo can snuggle up and watch a movie, read books, or play games. We highly recommend a flashlight to play a game of shadow puppets.               
11. If you are feeling adventurous check out the snow shoeing at Fahnestock park. They rent the shoes. Wear a pair of boots with warm socks and you will strap on the snow shoes at the park. Enjoy a peaceful walk on a nice open trail with nature.               
12. Fahnestock park also provides cross country skis and lessons. I have this activity on my to do list : )   

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