How Does An Ion Therapy Foot Bath Work?

How Does An Ion Therapy Foot Bath Work?

Detoxifying the body is extremely important for good health. We are constantly being exposed to contaminants and toxins from almost every action we take. The more contaminants and toxins we take into our bodies, the more sluggish they become. The liver and kidneys are constantly filtering them out of the bloodstream, but what about the toxins and debris that remain lodged in the tissues throughout the body? One of the most effective ways to remove the toxins from the tissues is through an ion therapy foot bath.

What Does the Foot Bath Accomplish?

An ion therapy foot bath accomplishes several things in a 30-minute time span. One of the added benefits is the body's ability to relax and let go of the stress that can cause the tissues to hold on to the toxins that tend to build up and cause cramps and stiffness. Another benefit is that once the body is relaxed and the blood flows smoothly, it is easier for the cells to carry the debris away from the tissues so that it can be eliminated from the body. Because the foot bath utilizes water, the flowing of the blood and the drawing of the water by the current, the toxins pass easily through the soles of the feet and into the water where it is eliminated once and for all.

Why the Feet?

Why the feet? Why use a foot bath to detox the body? One reason is that the skin on the feet and the palms of your hands are somewhat different than the skin that covers the rest of the body. There are no hair follicles and the palms don't sweat like the rest of the body. The soles of the feet are natural channels that allow the molecules to flow freely, to and from the water. While other areas of the body can absorb fluids as well, the soles of the feet are different and better able to handle the transfer of the toxins.

What is the Purpose of the Electric Current?

The electric currents that pass through the water in the foot bath acts like a one-way door– positive going in and negative coming out. As the current passes through the body, the ions exchange healthy molecules to the body while picking up the dangerous contaminants that can eventually disrupt the body's ability to function on its own. Without the electric current resonating with the body's own electrical charges, no ions could be transferred in either direction. Once the current is turned on, however, the flow of molecules begins to exchange the ions back and forth, carrying away the contaminants and allowing them to be replaced with the positive ions it needs to function at maximum efficiency.

The Body Balanced

The ion therapy foot bath creates the perfect environment in which to restore balance in the body. While contaminants attack the body by attaching themselves to tissues, the electric current provided through immersing the feet into the foot bath stimulates a constant flow of energy that flushes away the bad, and continually works to replenish the good. This constant flow recreates the ideal state of balance for a perfect environment enabling good health and well-being.

The ion therapy bath works by turning the foot into a two-way portal through which electric currents transfer the contaminants that have collected in the body. Because this type of therapy works at a cellular level, the healing begins at the core of the body, re-establishing balance, promoting healing, and laying the groundwork for optimum health.

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