How Does Ion Therapy Work?

How Does Ion Therapy Work?

In today's world, people are constantly being exposed to a multitude of toxins and chemicals. A portion of them are found naturally in the environment as by-products of normal biological reactions. Others, however, are the result of man's need to control the world around him. Pesticides, fertilizers, food additives and preservatives are just a few of the many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

How Does Ion Cleanse Technology Work?

The small spa used to perform the cleanse is specially built for ion therapy. Metal plates are used to create a steady flow of charged atoms. The positive and negative ions attract toxic particles that have an opposite charge. They ions, or charged atoms, attach themselves to the particles and are flushed from the body through an osmosis process similar to that which is used to purify water. Because the feet are immersed in the small tub, the toxins are drawn through the soles allowing the body to be detoxified and cleansed.

The ionization process helps to effectively remove unassimilated proteins, uric acid, lactic acid, cholesterol deposits, partially oxidized fats and heavy metals. The toxins are drawn from the body once they are attached to oppositely charged ions. The leave the body through the skin and end up in the water of the ion cleanse basin. Once the toxins are removed, there is more room from vital nutrients and freshly oxygenated blood. The additional blood helps to elicit a healing response and the nutrients give the tissues what they need to make the necessary changes or repairs.

What Happens During A Cleansing Session?

The person is seated in a comfortable chair while their feet are immersed in the small spa tub. The warm water has been ionized to draw out the toxins as long as the feet remain in the basin. As the toxins in the body are slowly neutralized, the water may change colors and small particles may appear to float in the water. When the toxins are exposed to the ionized water, different colors will appear as different areas of the body are cleansed.

Different colors denote toxins from different areas of the body. Each body part releases a different color when it detoxifies. Yellowish-green, for example, represents toxins from the urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys. Orange represents the joints and brown/black is indicative of toxins released from the liver. Black flecks can represent heavy metals, while red flecks are produced by blood clot material. White colored foam represents toxins released from the lymphatic system.

Are The Results Immediate?

During an ion cleanse, the body begins to release toxins immediately. Because of the amount of toxins the body is exposed to on a daily basis, one session will only scratch the surface. In most cases, it will take anywhere from six to ten sessions to begin to see substantial results. Different organs will release toxins at different rates. Undergoing several ion cleanse sessions allows the body to gradually eliminate much of the toxins that are deeply embedded in the tissues throughout the body. It may take numerous sessions to break up deposits that have become firmly entrenched in the tissues.

How Will You Feel Afterward?

People who have constantly dealt with chronic pain from inflammation and edema will begin to see results immediately after the first session. Although the results may not be substantial, they will continue to improve after each session. They do remove toxins so the body's own healing responses can begin to work their magic. Although the detoxification is gradual, the elimination of the toxins can help the body function more efficiently and actually give the immune system a major boost.

Ion therapy works at a cellular level and can remove toxins and chemicals that can aggravate many different health conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other health problems. The cleanse allows the body to metabolize nutrients more efficiently and eliminates the waste that can accumulate from high levels of stress, poor diet, and insufficient exercise. Removing the toxins that cause road blocks to good health, the ion cleanse technology flushes the body from the inside out. This offers more room for vital nutrients and gives the body the extra boost it may need to overcomes serious health problems.

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