Grand-parents influence part 1: A Family That Lives Together, Prospers

Grand-parents influence part 1: A Family That Lives Together, Prospers

Our current living arrangements typically have a lot to do with what type of environment we were raised in. For some families, it’s not odd to live together for entire lifetimes, and it can prove to be quite beneficial both financially and mentally. Back in the day, it wasn’t rare to live together, and due to economic strains, more and more families are opting to stay together these days. Some kids never leave the nest and will even be welcomed to stay in their parent’s home with their own spouse and kids. And then, there are other situations, where it’s beneficial to move into a child’s house to help tend to the grandchildren. We are going to talk about all the good that goes along with living with your grand-kids.




Win-win: Deciding to move in with your children can be a win-win for everyone. For one, it will save money for both parties involved, as it takes two mortgages down to one. This added money can be used to expand the current home, creating a more separated ‘grandparent’ space. If you are a hands-on grandparent, then you will most likely jump at the chance to care for the kiddos while your children go to work which can save your kids oodles of cash.

Youth: What better way to feel young again than to spend the majority of your time with those younger than you? By living with your children, a generation younger than yours, you will naturally pick up on habits that are conducive to a younger lifestyle. And by living with your grandchildren, two generations younger, you will most definitely become hip to the ways of the world. The best part is that kids usually think their grandparents are pretty darn cool and will have no problem teaching them how to keep up with the times. Not to mention the added bonus of all the extra exercise you will get from trying to keep up with them.

The more the merrier: It’s always nice to have someone to chat with when you walk in the door. But, it’s also pretty nice to have an extra set of hands for household duties. This can be true for both sides, as your kids will be able to help you run your errands and provide a ride if needed, and in turn you may lend a helping hand in the kitchen at meal time.

Just because you live with your kids doesn’t mean that you have to be at their beck and call either. Surely there are other folks your age in the neighborhood who you can socialize with to have an escape from family time.

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