Budget Pack #12: Lose Weight + Cortisol + Belly Fat + Sleep Sound

Budget Pack #12: Lose Weight + Cortisol + Belly Fat + Sleep Sound

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Budget Pack #12: Stress Relief + Cortisol + Belly Fat + Trouble Sleeping + Losing Weight

Product recommendations: DHEA Stress Relief + Cortisol + Belly Fat, FA Fat Loss Accelerator & Relax Formula and FM Fat Mobilizer.

DHEA Stress Relief + Cortisol + Belly Fat



DHEA is a “pro-hormone” and can be converted by the body into cortisone, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and all other sex and steroid hormones. It is produced by the adrenal gland and called, the mother hormone helping to maintain and improve health.

Production of DHEA peaks at age 25, after which levels start to decline. By age 70, DHEA levels are commonly 75 to 80% lower. Science has proven that DHEA's has anti-aging effects also protects memory and reduces depressive symptoms in older adults.

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FA  Fat Loss Accelerator & Relax Formula



                                - Reduce appetite and cravings

                                - Fat Loss Accelerator / Optimize Fat Metabolism - Increases Energy

                                - Reduce feelings of depression & anxiety

                                - Promotes quality of sleep

                                - Sublingual Absorption

Who should use?

                                - Patients who struggle with cravings(especially carbohydrate cravings or cravings triggered by emotions)

         - Patients who are depressed or anxious

                                - Patients with trouble sleeping

                                - Patients with low energy levels

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Fat Mobilizer


                                - Boosts energy and metabolism

                                - Detoxifies liver

                                - Removes and transports fat out of the body

                                - Prevents accumulation of fat in the liver

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