Vitamins and Supplements – Supercharge Your Body!

With today’s hectic and busy lifestyles, it can be easy to push your body a bit harder than you probably should. Exhaustion, stress, and poor nutrition can all factor into weight gain, and also can factor in to whether or not you’ll be able to effectively lose weight – and keep it off!

Dr. Donna Restivo’s unique program for weight loss includes a carefully planned regimen of natural vitamin and supplemental elements, all of which are designed to help cleanse the body of toxins and assist with weight loss. While effective on their own, these vitamins and supplements achieve their greatest effect when used specifically with the rest of Dr. Restivo’s weight loss program. 

While observing the delicious diet that Restivo Health and Wellness will help you to design, you will also be enjoying these vitamins and supplements. Dr. Restivo perfected this element of the program with healthy, tasteless supplemental drops that you drink by mixing in water. Additionally, the program includes a daily dose of a tasty peach mango liquid vitamin that contains nutrients; patients have reported that after consistent use of these supplements, their digestive problems disappear. Additionally, most of Dr. Restivo’s diabetic patients report that their medical doctors have ended up removing or reducing their insulin prescriptions. Your body has an incredible ability to recalibrate itself with a little help!