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Lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days! Our tailored, health-focused weight-loss  programs combine expert guidance with a proven strategy. We focus on improving your well being for lasting effects.


The Better Way To Lose Weight

Our program streamlines your path to wellness with a focus on hunger control, metabolic enhancement, effective detoxification, and vital organ health, particularly the liver.

Designed for sustainable weight management, our approach ensures you achieve optimal health and maintain your ideal weight with greater energy and improved overall well-being.


Lose up to 1 Lb./Day*


 No Hunger & No Junk food cravings.*


Program lasts 14 weeks


Keep the weight off.*


Burn 2500-3000 calories of fat daily without exercise. *


Have Amazing results the first week.


1 Year Texting Support

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When science behind the programs' success

The Four Key Areas We Target To Make You Healthier And Lose More Weight

Our unique program is designed to make life better for our patients by facilitating weight loss while also improving their health. To achieve the best possible results, Dr. Donna Restivo created the only program of its kind that successfully deals with the top four reasons weight loss programs fail.


Get your hunger under control

Take control of your hunger and curb your cravings! Dr. Restivo’s program offers a unique solution to manage your appetite effectively, especially against junk food and emotional eating. With our specialized drops, you're empowered to overcome the challenges of yo-yo dieting and achieve your weight loss goals sustainably.


Reignite your metabolism

Your metabolism slows down with age and becomes sluggish. Our weight loss program is designed to rejuvenate your body's natural fat-burning capabilities, enabling you to seamlessly incinerate between 2,500 to 3,000 calories of stored fat each day.


Unblock your detox pathways

Unlock your body’s detox pathways and enhance your health! Our food supply in the US often includes chemicals that can impede detoxification by introducing metals. Our program effectively neutralizes these metals, clearing your detox pathways and promoting a more vibrant, toxin-free body.


Imrprove organ health

We focus on boosting the health of key organs like the liver - a metabolic hub crucial for toxin filtering, digestion, and nutrient processing. Optimal liver function boosts fat burn, energy conversion, and blood sugar regulation, all vital for weight management.

Weight Loss Supervised By A Doctor

  • One Year Texting & Email support to ask questions.
  • Easy to follow directions manual.
  • Easy to follow video directions.
  • Before and After Optional body chemistry analysis.
  • Before and After Systems survey analysis reports.

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Book a telephone consultation with Doctor Restivo. Dr. Restivo will make a program recommendation based on your overall health and desired weight loss goals.

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We helped thousands meet their weight goals

2024 We Celebrate 41 Years Helping Patients


loved their experience

"Immediately I had more energy and my focus and attention span was much better than it had been."


"I would recommend this program to anyone, who's serious about losing weight and staying healthy."

  JIM,  34lb IN 40 DAYS

"Weather you are looking for a weight loss or to just get your body in touch and back on track - Call dr. Restivo"

Laura, New York

"I have not felt so great in many years. The program has helped me with my health and with my chronic pain."

Candy, Long Island

"I was looking for a program that didn't require an extensive exercise regime and significant diet attendance."

Lori, Richfield

"Nobody can believe how thin I look. I feel fabulous, I get compliments all the time and my selfconfidence is through the roof."

Paige, New York

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Ultimate Weight Loss Program

This is our most successful comprehensive program. It includes the detoxification, metabolic re-boot and maintenance phases all in one.
This fantastic package includes 53% off the base price and will get you on your way to losing up to 40 lbs. in 40 days. Drops made in FDA registered lab.

In addition, it contains 7 EXTRA products to handle your cravings and delicious protein powder for no guilt desert recipes such as waffles, ice cream, pancakes, brownies, cookies, souffle, Frappuccino.

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