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Lose Weight Quickly With Our In-Home Program

Dr. Donna Restivo D.C.’s weight loss program is the only one of its type that deals successfully with the top four reasons preventing healthy weight loss.

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Our Program Works


of our patients loved their experience

"Immediately I had more energy and my focus and attention span was much better than it had been."


"I would recommend this program to anyone, who's serious about losing weight and staying healthy."

  JIM,  34lb IN 40 DAYS

"Weather you are looking for a weight loss or to just get your body in touch and back on track - Call dr. Restivo"

Laura, New York

"I have not felt so great in many years. The program has helped me with my health and with my chronic pain."

Candy, Long Island

"I was looking for a program that didn't require an extensive exercise regime and significant diet attendance."

Lori, Richfield

"Nobody can believe how thin I look. I feel fabulous, I get compliments all the time and my selfconfidence is through the roof."

Paige, New York

About the programs

There's A Better Way To Lose Weight

This program is based on the original science behind Dr. Simeon’s weight management research and has been updated by weight loss expert Dr. Donna Restivo, DC.

 Dr. Simeon observed that certain hormones produced by the body during pregnancy, would cause the loss of non-essential fat stores to provide energy to the developing fetus. His researched showed that these same compounds would work just as well for men as it did for women.

Our drops contain the amino acid chains from the very same hormones which dislodge the non essential white fat that is so maddeningly difficult to shed.

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Dr. Restivo's Programs Will Allow You To


Get your hunger under control

Dr. Restivo’s program offers a unique solution to manage your appetite effectively, especially against junk food and emotional eating. 


Reignite your metabolism

Our weight loss program is designed to enable you to seamlessly incinerate between 2,500 to 3,000 calories of stored fat each day.


Unblock your detox pathways

Our program effectively neutralizes these heavy metals, clearing your detox pathways and promoting a more vibrant, toxin-free body.


Imrprove organ health

We focus on boosting the health of key organs. Optimal organ function boosts fat burn, energy conversion, and blood sugar regulation, all vital for weight management.

The New You Is Waiting To Be Discovered!

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    The New You is Waiting To Be Discovered!

Lose The Weight You Want With Ultimate Weight Loss

Let The Results Speak

"I lost 55 lbs, and I've never felt better. It's not just about the weight loss: ; it's about feeling confident and proud of who I've become. "



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"I Shed 89 Pounds in 70 Days and ditched my Sleep Apnea machine."

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11 weeks 53lbs lost





13 weeks 33lbs lost

Skin tightened, looking refreshed

restivoBeforeAfter_0003_2012-01-04 11.16.54.jpg__PID:967d116c-ebc0-4e8f-bb0d-67990ce259a9


restivoBeforeAfter_0002_Warstwa 6.jpg__PID:dc967d11-6ceb-400e-8fbb-0d67990ce259


16 weeks 38 lbs lost

Feeling a lot better, looking healthier





11 weeks 37 lbs lost

restivoBeforeAfter_0001_Anita before and after.jpg__PID:addc967d-116c-4bc0-8e8f-bb0d67990ce2


restivoBeforeAfter_0000_Warstwa 7.jpg__PID:8eaddc96-7d11-4ceb-800e-8fbb0d67990c


15 weeks 43lbs lost

restivoBeforeAfter_0005_2011-11-17 13.55.40.jpg__PID:116cebc0-0e8f-4b0d-a799-0ce259a9dafb


restivoBeforeAfter_0004_Warstwa 5.jpg__PID:7d116ceb-c00e-4fbb-8d67-990ce259a9da


13 weeks 41 lbs lost

restivoBeforeAfter_0009_2011-11-09 15.43.30.jpg__PID:0e8fbb0d-6799-4ce2-99a9-dafbe95300f8


restivoBeforeAfter_0008_Warstwa 3.jpg__PID:c00e8fbb-0d67-490c-a259-a9dafbe95300


"Losing 37 lbs has brought joy and vitality back into my life. It's truly remarkable what we can achieve, no matter our ag"

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Weight Loss Supervised By A Doctor

  • One Year Texting & Email support to ask questions.
  • Easy to follow directions manual.
  • Easy to follow video directions.
  • Before and After Optional body chemistry analysis.
  • Before and After Systems survey analysis reports.

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