Lemon Delight Treat

Lemon Delight Treat

5 Lemons (1.5 cups  freshly juiced)

2 cups of ice

1 scoop of Dr. Restivo’s WLP Fluffy Natural Vanilla Protein Powder

6 droppers full of Clear Stevia liquid from Sweet leaf (sweeten to taste)

Cut the top ¼ of the lemon off and juice the larger portion coring out the inside of the lemon. Put the cored lemons in the freezer and the freshly juiced lemon in the refrigerator in a small jar. When you are ready to serve mix all ingredients listed above in a high- speed Ninja blender for 3 minutes and pour into the cored cooled lemons and place in small glass that will allow the lemon to stand up and serve immediately before they liquify. Great to clean palate before another meal course or for dessert. Very light and refreshing.