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Improve your weight loss with Veloci tea

Make one gallon of tea with 2 tea bags.

You will notice it cuts appetite, cravings, improves colon cleanse (bowel movements) detoxify, enjoy great energy. 

Veloci tea Ingredients

Persimmon Leaf

(Diospyros kaki) Common uses: Hay Fever, Itching, Rough Skin and Allergies

Malva Leaf (Chinese Mallow)

(Malva verticillata) Common uses: Demulcent (soothes tissues, thins mucus) diuretic, emollient (softens the skin) galactagogue (nursing mothers will benefit from increased blood flow) gentle release of the bowels. 

Milk Thistle

(Silybum marianum) Common uses: Provides nutrition for the liver which processes fat and toxins.  Supports purifying the blood, improving digestion. Contains Milk Thistle know to benefit the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver which support detoxification and oxygen.


(Althaea officinalis) Common uses: Calms the intestines. Soothes raw sore throats and cough. The long history of relieving the respiratory tract and bronchial congestion. Calm the heartburn and stomach issues. The Ancient Greeks enjoyed using Marshmallow as an immune-booster and mild anti-infective.