Why You Should Add Essential Oils and Aromatherapy to Your Life

Why You Should Add Essential Oils and Aromatherapy to Your Life

There is a good chance that you have a friend or family member who has recently shared their love of essential oils with you. Whether you’ve heard of aromatherapy or not, these powerful oils are packed with perks for both your mental and physical health. Here are a few proven benefits of using essential oils for aromatherapy.



Relieve inflammation. When our bodies are injured or infected, chemicals from the body’s white blood cells are released into the blood stream, resulting in an increase of blood flow in the area that is affected. This is where inflammation comes in. When you apply essential oils to the skin of the area, you will naturally and safely relieve the irritation and symptoms associated with the inflamed area.

Boost your immune system and prevent illnesses. Who doesn’t want to arm themselves with a safe tool that can help them avoid illnesses all year long? Because many essential oils have antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, they can actually prevent certain illnesses from developing. To improve your chances of avoiding illness, you’ll need to use these oils on a regular basis. To use oils as an immune booster, apply to your feet every night. The oils are absorbed into the blood stream after they are breathed in and enter through the lungs.

Pain relief. How nice would it be to not have to pop ibuprofen every few hours when you have pain in your joints? By using ginger, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils, you can provide accelerated relief to the joints, tendons and muscles. An oil called Helichrysum, is known to give relieve to those who suffer with fibromyalgia. If you are a victim of monthly menstrual cramps, try out chamomile oil. Chamomile oil also promotes calmness. Peppermint oil helps with pain associated with gas, while also relieving indigestion and nausea.

Sleep and relaxation. Roughly sixty-million Americans are affected by sleep loss due to insomnia, which trickles over to every aspect of the human life. Without sleep, we lack mental clarity and over time our bodies will break down in a variety of ways. Certain essential oils naturally promote relaxation that will help in getting you some shut-eye.

More and more people are turning to natural and holistic methods as medicine, mostly because they are usually free of unwanted side effects with harmful chemicals. Aromatherapy, if used properly, can be safer, more efficient, and less expensive than over-the-counter or prescribed drugs. Regardless of your physical or mental ailment, essential oils have something for everyone.

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