Why Routines Are Important For Healthy Living

Why Routines Are Important For Healthy Living

As children, we are taught the importance of sticking with a routine, maintaining a bedtime, times for snacking, and times for play. It seems like there was a time for everything when we were younger. There is a good reason why we encourage children to follow a schedule, and that reason is just as true for adults. Here are a few arguments as to why it is exceptionally important to have a daily routine…



1.    Structure. When we have a daily routine to follow, we are provided with a framework within which we live and tend to our daily activities. Once that routine is fully established, we take on a natural flow to our day and we are comfortable with tackling our tasks. If ever we want to adopt a new habit, the best thing we can do is to add it to our daily schedule.

2.    Efficiency and Proficiency. Having to make decisions can be daunting and when we have a daily routine that we follow it eliminates the need to make extra decisions every day. Without having to contemplate it, we know exactly what tasks we need to do each day, and because these different activities become more consistent, we naturally become better at doing them which makes us more efficient. When you do things regularly you also become more proficient at it, and proficiency is key to mastering skills. As they say, “practice makes perfect.”

3.    Prioritization. When our daily life is a routine, we quickly learn what is most important to us, because we are forced to prioritize everything. Instead of having to have an internal argument about whether or not you should do a specific task, a daily routine does the deciding for you. For example, if you believe that exercise and meditation will benefit your health and well-being, then it won’t be hard to fit them into your daily schedule.   

4.    Reduces procrastination. Known as one of the most common bad habits, procrastination can be a major deterrent of your happiness. If you have these less-loved tasks and activities as part of your daily routine, you will lessen your chance of procrastinating them and putting them off until tomorrow. If you do something every day, it becomes a habit, whether it’s a good one or a bad one. Having a routine that incorporates all necessary activities is a way to combat any type of procrastination.

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