Why Low Carb Diets Work

Why Low Carb Diets Work

There have been many fad diets making headlines over the years, but the low-carb lifestyle seems to be the one that has stuck around the longest. The reason for this is simple…the lack of carbs leads to a revved-up metabolism, resulting in weight loss that will last if you stick with it. Once you get beyond the initial carb cravings, your body turns into a fat-burning machine and the thought of carbs will make you feel heavy and weighed down essentially making it even easier to omit them from your diet.  Here are a few reasons why low-carb diets are the go-to way to weight loss…



-According to a study in the British Medical Journal, people on low-carb diets burned on average, 250 more calories per day than those who were on the high-carb diet. ·      

-The spike in metabolism that results from lowering carbohydrates, causes such an impact on the fat-burn that people have the potential to lose 20-pounds of weight loss over three years without actually eating any less. ·      

-There have been no serious side effects reported by those following a low-carb lifestyle ·      

-Blood pressure and blood sugar levels have a tendency to decrease due to the fact that triglycerides go way down and HDL (also known as the “good” cholesterol) goes way up. ·      

-Most of the fat lost on a low carb diet comes from the liver and belly area, which is beneficial considering it’s the fat that builds up around the organs, leading to inflammation and disease. The less fat surrounding our organs the better. ·      

There have been major benefits for those with type 2 diabetes and/or metabolic syndrome While there is still a mystery as to how low-carb diets work, a lot of it has to do with insulin, which is one of the body’s most important hormones. Known as the hormone that regulates the levels of blood sugar and is responsible for energy storage, insulin is responsible for telling fat cells to produce and stored fat. It also makes demands on holding onto the fat that the body is already carrying. In addition, insulin is responsible for communication with the other cells in the body that pick-up blood sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream, telling it to burn that instead of fat. When one partakes in a low-carb diet, there is an almost instant reduction in insulin levels, which ultimately leads to this boost in fat burn.

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