Why It's Important To Keep The Weight Off & Stay Healthy Over 50

Why It's Important To Keep The Weight Off & Stay Healthy Over 50

Whether you are approaching your 50s or well into them, you will likely need a few tips for keeping the weight off. Since this time in your life brings with it a shift in your hormones, it’s crucial that you tighten up your eating habits and maintain an active lifestyle. During your 50s, it is best to have a goal to  managing a normal weight and developing a plan to reverse disease, keeping you healthy for years to come. Go into menopause gracefully. Here are a few things to focus on to lose or maintain weight while keeping your energy levels and health at an all time high.


Cave into the cravings. Okay, so we are by no means recommending that you eat every single sweet and salty, carb-loaded snack in sight, but we are saying that a few bites of that decadent chocolate cake that you’ve been craving, might just do you some good in the long run. Oftentimes, when we force ourselves to avoid giving in to cravings, we end up eating extra calories as we try to eat anything but the treat we’ve been eyeing. We naturally want what we can’t have, so allow yourself a bite or two, then move on, and you’ll soon find that the cake you were obsessing over, is no longer a passing thought. Sometimes you can find a healthy alternative that contains that same chocolate and is equally as enjoyable.  I make a chocolate cake in a pan that is almost like a souffle and I put a few berries on top and it is wonderful.

Fight the cravings with some spice. According to studies, cayenne pepper can be used for more than just flavor. This super spicy addition has been known to decrease cravings and rev up the metabolism. In one study, there was a high number of cayenne consumers who decreased their desire to eat sweet, fatty, or salty foods, leading to a drop in calorie intake as well as one around the waistline.

Mindful eating. It’s always nice to veg out in front of the television after a long day, however; you may have noticed that snacking and TV go hand in hand. There is just something about putting food up to your pallet while you are binge-watching a new series and studies have linked eating in front of the TV with a 13 to 25 percent rise in consumption, compared to eating without a TV on. Instead of eating until you are full, a survey revealed that most Americans eat until their plate is completely empty or when their TV show has ended. It’s important to think about what you are putting into your mouth, feel the fullness and all the sensations that go along with it, before you overdo it and consume more than necessary.



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