Why Fad Diets Won't Work: Part 2

Why Fad Diets Won't Work: Part 2

In our last post we talked about "fad-diets" and why they often don't work. We continue to explore reasons why and offer tips on how to stay on track. Below you will find more information on current trends, and what to look out for. 



SlimFast diet. The slogan alone is worrisome for this particular fad diet. “Give us a week, we’ll take off the weight,” was the catchy tune that was aired on television commercials across America. However we aren’t doubting that people will lose weight in the first week of this diet, as you are basically having two SlimFast shakes a day and a “sensible” meal for dinner. First of all, that’s a great way to starve yourself all day so you are set up to fail when it comes to dinnertime. By having two shakes all day long, your metabolism will naturally slow down to keep up with the lack of calories, which will ultimately increase your weight loss challenges. Sure…SlimFast shakes are delicious, but why wouldn’t they be tasty when each can is packed with 19 grams of sugar? Recognizing that their high levels of sugar wasn’t going to get their customers very far, SlimFast tried to change their ways by lowering the sugar to 1 gram per can. That didn’t go over well for those who actually read labels, as they discovered that the flavor was compensated with artificial sweeteners. While these non-nutritive sweeteners are free of calories, they raise your setpoint weight and will eventually cause weight gain. Not to mention the fact that artificial sweeteners are terrible for your health, if ingested in large quantities.

Nutrisystem. Not only is Nutrisystem extremely high in cost, it involves foods that are processed and packaged, loaded with pesticides, sugars, and chemicals. Sure, it’s convenient to receive these prepackaged meals in the mail, but do you really want to spend the rest of your life getting your food delivered to you if the quality is poor and toxic? Dr. Restivo’s food plan is one that you can do in the privacy of your own home after you pick out your own meats, vegetables and fruits in your local grocery store or farm market. Purchase food without preservatives to be your healthiest. In the long run, the quality of food you get in the market is far superior than the toxic filled packaged food that is delivered to your house, unless you have healthy food delivered from a farm.  Nutrisystem sounds convenient, but you really won’t get nutritional education along the way, and a lot of their costs are due to the packaging and shipment of the preservative filled, toxic foods.

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