What's Your Social Media Health Score?

What's Your Social Media Health Score?

Believe it or not, social media can become an addiction, and it happens faster than you think. There is a wide span of social media users and a lot of that has to do with when you were born. For those of you who are considered a ‘millennial,’ born between the early eighties and mid-nineties, you have most likely spent your entire adult lives on some form of social media, having always had access to the internet. 



For those whose birth date goes back further, to the baby booming years, you are likely to view social media on a whole other level. Having spent the majority of your life without the convenience of the internet, there is a good chance that sixty-somethings really appreciate the ability to connect with old friends and stay up to date on what their children and grandchildren are up to.

After all, your only way of being ‘in the know’ back in the day was to pick up your landline and call that old friend to find out what was going on in their world. Sounds rather archaic now, especially for those who are glued to their screens, determined to be the first one to find out when their childhood best friend’s first grandkid is born. There can be a lot gained with having this connectivity at your fingertips, however; too much of anything is never good.   

Here are some tips for fighting social media addiction and knowing when it’s time to shut down the computer or put down the phone.

Spend real-time with family and friends. There is something to be said about face to face time with those you love. Instead of talking about doing something fun on your sister’s Facebook wall, make a plan and engage in an actual activity…together, in real life (IRL).  And, try not to take a selfie of every IRL moment, as some things in life are meant to be private. Put your phone down and go for a hike with your pal while engaging in a real, live conversation. You’ll soon learn the power of that face to face connection.

Change your settings. While it’s nice to find out everything at the exact moment that it is happening, you’ll find freedom in turning off your notifications. Whether it’s on your computer screen or on your phone, those blurbs that show up to let you know that you received a text or a Facebook message, are a major distraction, especially if you are trying to get a task done. Instead of being on the receiving end of loads of information, turn off the notifications until you actually finish a task. You may just find that you finish it in half the time, giving you some extra time to do other things that you enjoy.

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