What You Should Know About Fitness Unlimited of Mahopac

What You Should Know About Fitness Unlimited of Mahopac

Fitness Unlimited of Mahopac is located at 989 Route 6 in Mahopac, New York. Dedicated to helping all of its clientele reach their ideal fitness goals, the owners and staff have created a facility where fun and fitness go hand in hand. As a women's fitness facility, Fitness Unlimited specializes in classes and programs to help women at all levels of fitness reach the goals they have set for themselves. The fitness center has been located in the same place for almost four decades and has become a mainstay in the community.

The Facility's History

In 1978 the fitness center first opened its doors as Gloria Stevens' Exercise Center. Ten years later in 1988, the current owners purchased the facility. Since it first opened, Fitness Unlimited has been an all women's facility. The owners and staff members wanted to provide their clients with a place where they could feel at ease and completely comfortable in their surroundings. Catering only to women, the staff tries to create an environment of support and camaraderie where everyone feels welcome and is encouraged to do their very best every time the come to the gym.

Programs and Classes

Fitness Unlimited offers several different programs and classes designed to accommodate all fitness levels. A few of their favorites include Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, aerobics, Zumba and several different cardio workouts. They also offer the unique and extremely interesting Piloxing! Piloxing is a combination of Pilates and kickboxing that offers an intense workout that produces long lasting results. The facility offers a full schedule of programs and classes that will help members improve their health and get back on the road to being fit and in shape. From Circuit Training to Weight Management Programs, Fitness Unlimited has everything you need.


According to Lorraine, the owner of the facility, all her personal trainers are certified and able to provide information to members who have questions about exercise and the many programs that are available. The staff are friendly and professional and take the time that is needed to help members achieve their personal goals. The trainers who over see the classes and programs are knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions the members may have about how an exercise is performed or what the long term benefits are. They can also offer suggestions on what classes and exercises will be most beneficial when trying to reach specific goals.

Fitness Assessments

On occasion, personal trainers will offer free fitness assessments. A fitness assessment is used to help a new (or existing) member find out where they are on their fitness journey. It allows the trainer to offer suggestions as to what exercises, classes, programs, and even diet recommendations, will be most helpful in getting them back on the road to better health and fitness. Along with a fitness assessment, the member can find out which type of exercise best suits their goals. They can opt for a personal training class, group training, one on one training sessions, and a well known favorite “dumbell buddies.” Whether you work out with a friend or choose to go solo, your fitness assessment will help you fine tune your goals and work towards a better you.

Traveling the Weight Loss Journey

Women who are trying to get fit want to surround themselves with other women who have the same or similar goals. It is important to be comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere if you plan on putting yourself through some physically intense paces. Having personal trainers who are dedicated to seeing you succeed is of the utmost importance, no matter where you may be on your personal fitness journey. Fitness Unlimited and its highly trained staff of fitness professionals are ready to embark on the journey with you. They have the tools, resources and the knowledge to help you make sound decisions when it comes to meeting and exceeding your individual fitness goals.

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