What To Know About Springtime Allergies: Part 1

What To Know About Springtime Allergies: Part 1

Spring is officially here which means that you are likely getting outdoors any chance you get. While springtime comes with some major perks, warmer weather being one of them; it also comes along with one bigtime downside…spring allergies. If you’ve been sniffling up a storm ever since the season started, then it could be due to some environmental allergies. Here are a few things to know about springtime allergies…



Allergies change over time. Just because you escaped allergies through your entire childhood and young adult life, doesn’t mean that they cannot make an appearance later in life. One thing that most people don’t know is that allergies present themselves at any time throughout a person’s life. “Allergic rhinitis,” also known as hay fever, causes inflammation in the nose after the immune system responds to allergens in the air, and it can develop at any age. While someone who comes from an allergy-prone family is more likely to be a victim of environmental allergies, a runny nose and itchy eyes that comes along with seasonal changes, are not to be ignored. Even elderly patients have developed hard-hitting allergies after going through life without being affected by the change of seasons. It’s also important to know that what you are allergic to can change over time. For example, if you were allergic to specific weeds as a child, it is not out of the question to be allergic to grass pollen instead, later on in life. Doctors believe that the intensity of exposure plays a role in the likelihood of these changes. 

Moving away is not a cure. If you are thinking about packing up and moving across the country to put a stop to your runny nose, you may not want to put the “For Sale” sign on your front lawn just yet. Sure, your allergies might clear up for a year or two, however; your body will likely develop allergies to other things in the environment, leaving you with that same miserable runny nose. Keep in mind that every region of the country has different allergens, depending on the geographical area. If you find that you are trying to run away from your ragweed allergy by moving out west, you may form a whole new breed of allergies from the local pollens. 

Asthma patients must take caution. Few people realize just how connected asthma is to allergies. The majority of people who have asthma also have environmental allergies, which is why there are a particularly high amount of asthma flare-ups during allergy season. Also known as “allergic asthma,” symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing, can be directly related to allergies. Prepare your immune system with strength before your asthma kicks in.

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