What NOT to do at a Wedding this Summer

What NOT to do at a Wedding this Summer

What’s not to love about weddings? The romantic atmosphere alone is enough to get you to fall in love with your partner all over again. It’s easy to get uplifted by the music, décor and upscale service at your fingertips, but it’s not always easy to stay away from overindulging, especially with the many appetizers and signature cocktails being passed around. When most people go to weddings they automatically feel like it’s a free pass to go all out on the food and drink, but it’s important to stick to your goals, even on special occasions, if you really want to see the results you’re after.

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They say that if you fail to prepare then you are preparing to fail. While we all usually view this as a work-related quote, there is truth in it when it comes to your diet plan. Before you step out your door clad in your best wedding guest attire, make sure you’ve done your research on what will be offered at the event. Oftentimes, a wedding invite will share some details about the dinner menu, but if not, you can pack a cooler and have it filled with food items that are approved by your new health plan. Surely by now you are used to toting a cooler of healthy snacks around anyways.  Instead of thinking about food as being the main ingredient of the event, alter your thinking so that your goals stay intact. After all, do you really want to get set back all because of a few hours. Instead, bring snacks that are easy to travel with, so you aren’t starving by the time dinner is served. We all know that this usually results in bingeing on anything in sight.

Just because alcohol is liquid, doesn’t mean that it is free of heavy calories. The opposite is actually true and in addition to countless calories, alcohol also slows down your metabolism, making your body have to play a game of catch up for days after tying one on. It’s okay to hover by the bar, but it’s in your best interest to stick to a low-cal mocktail if you don’t want to veer too far away from your goals. Soda water with a splash of lime is always a good option.

Remember…there are more to weddings than the food and booze and if you can get through these few hours without overindulging, then you will see your results faster.

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