What Happens During an Ion Therapy Foot Bath?

What Happens During an Ion Therapy Foot Bath?

Many people are curious about what ion therapy is and how it can help them. While there are many benefits to the types of foot baths you can perform on your own, ion therapy foot baths are different. They use special equipment and a mineral mixture to pull toxins from the body while you relax.

How Does an Ion Therapy Foot Bath Work?

The patient places their feet in a bowl or tub that is filled with warm water. An electrode system is also placed into the bath. Then, an alternating current is conducted through the electrode system and converted into a direct current.

The current produces positively and negatively ions. Those ions bond to toxins within the body. This creates a small electromagnetic field that pulls toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals from the body into the footbath through the patient’s feet. The entire procedure takes about thirty minutes and all the patient needs to do is relax.

Why Does the Water Change Color?

The water changes color for two reasons. Because of the electrodes, a chemical reaction takes place between the water and the minerals within it. This reaction typically makes the water the color of apple juice. Because of this, the water will change color with or without a patient’s feet in the water.

However, the color change in the foot bath is different when a patient’s feet are present. The color of the water will show which types of toxins are being pulled from the body as well as how much is being removed. Heavy metals and other toxins all have their own unique colors.

What Are the Benefits?

Patients who receive the ion therapy foot bath treatment report that they have increased energy, reduced pain, and an overall healthy feeling. These feelings are almost instant and can last for an entire day or multiple days. Patients who start ion therapy treatments typically wish to receive them on a regular basis.

In general, foot baths are helpful for reviving circulation in the feet and for soothing one's muscles. They are particularly useful for people who have to stand for hours every day because of their jobs or for active people who run or play sports. They can also hydrate the skin, which is helpful for people who wear restrictive footwear regularly and for people who like to walk barefoot.

Ion therapy footbaths add the extra benefit of detoxifying the body, which the typical Epsom salt foot bath doesn’t provide.

How Does Ion Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

Your liver and kidneys are designed to remove toxins from the body, and they are very good at it! But when your body contains too many toxins, it puts an extra strain on their functionality. Your liver, in particular, produces bile that aids in digestion. When your liver is functioning well, it helps your digestive system break down fat and absorb nutrients from food.

There are many ways to detoxify your body. Detoxification improves your metabolism and helps your organs function more efficiently. This makes it less likely that your body will store toxins in your fat cells, which can help you lose weight. Most importantly, an ion therapy foot bath gives you more energy and helps you feel better so you are better able to take care of yourself.

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