Weight Loss Mistakes You May Be Making at Work

Weight Loss Mistakes You May Be Making at Work

To excel at work and continue moving up the career ladder, we most certainly want to take care of our health. You will be more efficient at work if you are healthy. Unfortunately, most us have made some major mistakes that deter our weight loss goals which affect us long after we are punched out for the day. Here are the top three weight loss mistakes made at work…



  1. Skipping breakfast. We get it…you want to get to the office bright and early and show your boss that you are dedicated to your job so one day, maybe you will be in the management seat. A lot of employees are guilty of skipping breakfast in hopes of saving time, however this is surefire way to accumulate the pounds. Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day for good reason, as it kickstarts our energy levels and allows us to start our day with bodies that are fueled and ready to tackle the daily tasks. If you find yourself a culprit of skipping breakfast, there is an easy solution and it’s called preparation. Whether it means getting up 15 minutes earlier or having your breakfast packed and ready, so you can eat on the go, it will be well worth it to add the master meal into your day. Boil eggs the night before, peel the shell and mash with MCT oil and season to taste. I like mustard and kraut, try it you will be surprised.

  2. Caving at the candy dish. Nearly every office has that one employee who continuously keeps a candy dish filled. Maybe it’s because they want to build a bond amongst their co-workers who gather around the dish for their daily fix or maybe they have the need to nurture and want to be the provider of curing the sweet cravings of their fellow workers. Just because they keep the dish filled doesn’t mean that you must walk by and get a daily dose of sugar. Avoid this candy dish at all costs, because it will soon become a habit and your body will adjust to your daily filling of the void. Also avoid the donuts on the counter in the office.

  3. Stress. Most us have at least a little bit of stress in the workplace. It’s not rare for a last-minute project with a tight deadline to pop up, however our body bears the brunt of this and immediately get stressed. The main problem with stress is that it causes the body to release the hormone cortisol, which causes blood sugar levels to spike and crash. The result of this is sugar and carb cravings, which are no good for your weight loss goals. Before you allow yourself to get carried away by stress, take a five-minute break with a quick brisk walk, before you tackle your project. Taking deep breaths or watching a funny video will help ease some of that stress.  

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