Ways to Improve Your Memory

Ways to Improve Your Memory

We’ve all heard the horror stories about losing your memory as you age, and you’ve likely witnessed your own loved one become more and more forgetful over the years. While it’s an inevitable part of life, there are certainly ways to manage your memory to make sure you stay sharp well into old age. Here are a few tips we suggest for keeping your mind busy and ahead of the game.

 black-background-brain-close-up-8185631. Designate. If you’re not already one of those people who has a designated place for everything, then it may be time to jump on the tidy bandwagon. It’s easy to forget where you put things when they don’t have a specific spot, so we recommended that you line up all your most used items like keys, phones, and wallets, and give each one of them a home. Some suggestions would be to get a storage dish or shelf to place by the entryway of your house, and keep these important items there, so you always know where to find them. De-clutter your home as much as possible, because a messy house can cause feelings of anxiety and lead to memory loss.

2. Get social. Believe it or not, depression and stress contribute to memory loss and social interactions ward off these types of negative feelings, leaving you less likely to be a victim of memory loss. Start saying yes to social opportunities, and you will find that your mind will get sharper with each encounter.

3. Nourish yourself with good foods. We all know that a healthy diet is good for the body and heart, but it also does wonders for the brain. Try to feed your brain with vegetables and low-fat proteins such as fish, lean meat and poultry. Also, be sure to avoid too much alcohol, as that can cause confusion and memory loss. 

4. Keep a to-do list. Writing things down does wonders for your world and can save you loads of time. Keep a small pad of paper in your house, purse and car and never be ashamed to write things down when they come to mind. You might not be at a store when you remember that you need paper towels, so the best thing to do is annotate this on a list throughout the week and add it to your grocery list when it’s time to go shopping.

5. Limit distractions. If you have a busy life, this may be a tough one, but it will save you time and forgetfulness in the long run. By living in the moment and focusing on the task at hand, you’ll be more likely to retain the information, and you’ll have a better chance at recalling it later on. 

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