Ways To Control Anger For Peaceful Living: Part 2

Ways To Control Anger For Peaceful Living: Part 2

In our previous post we presented you with a few ways to get a hold of your anger, and the good news is we have more tips to keep you cool during those moments when your temper is on the line. Here are some more ways to remain calm when faced with the most powerful emotion…


Create. One of the best ways to simmer down your anger is to start getting productive and turn your displeasure into a work of art. Whether it’s gardening, writing, sketching or painting, creating something helps you let go of your anger and be in the moment. It also serves as a way to free yourself of the internal conflict, allowing expression without the negative side effects associated with anger. People who are naturally creative, tend to use emotions as their muse when it comes to producing artwork. You may find that the novel that you’ve been working on for years, comes to life after an anger-induced fight with a friend. 

Empathize. Before you attack another person for causing your anger, take a step back and try to put yourself in their shoes. If you really think hard about their past and what they experienced, you may find that it’s easier to embrace them for who they are and let go of some of the anger that they caused. Depending on our own experiences, we all view situations differently. 

Express yourself. When in doubt, tell the truth about how you feel in a way that is calm and free of outrage. An open and honest exchange with the person who upset you, is more likely to open up the conversation about how things could go better in the event that a future issue arises. 

Be grateful. When it feels like the universe is against you, it helps to focus on the things that are right. Maybe you are angry that you didn’t get the promotion at work, but do you have your health and a roof over your head? By putting the spotlight on the good in your life, you will neutralize anger and you just may find that it’s much easier to let go of. 

Anger is one of the most challenging emotions that we have to deal with, however; if we know how to tackle it with ease and patience, then we might just find that we have more control over the emotion than we originally thought. 

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