Ways To Control Anger For Peaceful Living: Part 1

Ways To Control Anger For Peaceful Living: Part 1

Anger is an emotion that is incredibly powerful and potentially useful if we manage it the right way. Depending on previous encounters with anger, there is a wide range of useful tools to maintain some control over the aggressive emotion. While we all have an outburst every now and then, it’s important to try and control anger before it causes you to do or say something you may regret. Here are a few tips that are sure to bring some peace and calm into your life.


Move. Exercise is a natural stress reliever, never hesitate to get out and start moving if you feel like you’re overcome with anger. Instead of lashing out, try hitting a few golf balls, go for a walk, or ride your bike. You may just find that you view the situation a lot more calmly when you are done releasing a few endorphins. 

Count. This works for children, so why wouldn’t it work for adults? If you find that you are in a state of madness, count down from 100. By the time you get down to one, you will find that your heart rate has slowed and you are more likely to approach the situation with ease and a little less anger. 

Journal. There is a good reason why journaling is becoming more and more popular. By writing down your feelings, you are better able to process them by way of the written word. In turn, you’ll hopefully come to a calm state of mind so you can reassess the situation that caused the uproar of emotions in the first place. And, instead of saying hurtful words, you can write them down and still get that sense of relief. Write what you would like rather than what you do not like. For example, if your partner did something that made you angry, write out what you would prefer they do.   

Forgive. When someone has wronged you, it takes an awful lot of courage to let go and forgive and in the end, it will make you feel better. If you find that you just can’t forgive them, you can pretend that you did, and that just might help some of that anger slip away.  

Set a timer. One of the many advantages of cell phones is that they offer a lot of convenient tools that you can use anywhere. If you find that you are struggling to maintain composure after someone or something has set you off, simply give yourself a set time before you respond and punch it into your phone. When the timer goes off, you will be more clear-headed to respond better than if you had responded immediately following the trigger.

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