Ways to beat the heat this summer and the importance of staying hydrated

Ways to beat the heat this summer and the importance of staying hydrated

By the time summer rolls around, most of us are ready to hit the outdoors, and by June we likely have our calendars booked with picnics, water parks, and beach fun, all the way up until Labor Day. While it’s great to get outdoors and breathe in the fresh air and absorb the vitamin D, it’s also incredibly important to understand the importance of staying hydrated and knowing when enough sun is enough. Unfortunately, too much time in the sun can be downright dangerous. Here are some tips for beating the summer heat and maintaining your hydration levels…


Proper attire. Being proactive is key when it comes to staying safe in the heat. One way to do that is to dress appropriately and pack properly if you plan on being outside for a few hours. Because dark-colored clothing absorbs more heat at a faster rate, it’s important to dress in light-colored and loose-fitting clothing. Tight clothes don’t allow your body to sweat and cool itself and in turn, you’ll get overheated and dehydrated at a faster rate. Sunglasses are another must for the hot weather. Even if the bright sunlight isn’t bothersome to you, it’s important to shield your corneas from harmful UV rays that can scorch your eyes and lead to long-term damage. When it comes to summer fashion, those wide-brimmed hats serve as more than just a little addition to your ensemble. They also protect your face from being hit by UV rays, keeping your skin looking young and wrinkle-free.

Sunscreen. By now, the benefits of sunscreen are fairly well-known, however; it’s important that you know the specifics of this summertime necessity. When spending time outdoors, you should opt for a sunscreen that has an SPF rating of 15 or higher. If you know that you will be poolside or by a body of water for the day, with limited shade, opt for a higher SPF rating. Application is just as important and you should coat all the places that burn easily including your ears, nose, shoulder and back of the neck.

Hydration. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to this hot topic, is waiting until they are thirsty to take their first swig of water. The most important thing is to drink regularly throughout the day. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, as both have a tendency to deplete the body of moisture. One way to monitor your hydration levels is to check the shade of your urine. The clearer your urine is, the more hydrated you are. 



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